Lifestyle Changes Affect Consumption

The lockdown we have experienced collectively has had massive changes in our lifestyle. People spend a lot more time indoors which naturally has altered everything from our daily routine to the way we interact with each other. Here we explore the most notable changes in our lives as consumers due to the ongoing pandemic.

Why Online Casino Games Became Popular

According to market research published by Grand View Research, online casinos in general have experienced an increase in the number of players who want to play casino games. Due to traditional casinos remaining closed for most of the pandemic. More specifically, the industry is expected to reach $127.3 billion by 2027. In India, a lot of people gravitated towards casino games, alongside video-games during lockdown.

In fact, the co-founder & CMO at ENV Media, Christopher Baude, has said that ‘A natural step during a lockdown is moving some of our habits online. The constant increase of players suggests that not only are Indians understanding the benefits of playing casino games online but also enjoying them.’

Moreover, there are even more sites that offer in-depth information to help you learn about different casino games, reliable payment methods and gambling laws. Novice and even more experienced players have a plethora of resources to help them pick the best sites and improve their knowledge about online casinos in general. However, it’s important to pick only reliable platforms that share correct information.

For example, if you want to learn about insurance bets in blackjack, G2G is a great platform that offers thorough information on G2G blackjack insurance rules. You will learn everything you need to know about how to use insurance bets when you play blackjack online or in a traditional casino. Insurance bets help players win back part of the original bet when the dealer gets a Blackjack.

Streaming Services Affected by Pandemic

Naturally, as you’re stuck inside most of the time, you will have more time to spare from your day in front of the TV. In fact, adults have watched TV for almost 6 hours per day during the pandemic. But, also streaming platforms like Netflix have had a lot more subscribers in comparison to last year. In fact, Netflix has announced that according to data from the second quarter of this year, the streaming platform has gained 10 million subscribers.

Other streaming services offered by companies like YouTube have seen massive growth in their numbers, with over 20 million subscribers, according to Billboard. Either way, a lot more people have discovered streaming services thanks to the pandemic and will likely continue to use their subscription services after the pandemic is over.

Increase in Online Shopping

Even though most supermarkets remained open, more people resorted to online shopping than ever. It’s predicted that the number of indian online shoppers will reach over 220 million in 2025, based on research completed by IBEF about the e-commerce industry in India. A lot of people are looking for online stores because they offer delivery and pick up as they don’t want to visit stores in-person, or they can’t because they are self-isolating.

Online shopping sites aren’t only attractive because they offer delivery. The other factors are convenience, as you can access shopping sites anytime you want, from any electronic device, including Android and iOS mobile devices. More online stores have worked on improving their mobile apps and interfaces.


The pandemic had a lot of impact on different sectors in our society. It certainly has changed how we function as individuals in our daily lives, and it will probably have further impact in the future. So, it’s understandable that a greater number of people are looking for online solutions to get what they need, from clothes to online entertainment.

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