Chic Wall Decor Ideas for Homes

Wall décor is an important part of home décor as it adds elegance in your home and speaks about your likes and preferences. Wall décor includes those entire things that you put up on your home walls in order to add dimension and color to your home.

Pictures, paintings, mirrors, tapestries etc are all those things that add color and elegance to your house by sparkling up the wall décor.

Here are a few wall décor ideas that you can use for sparkling up different rooms and corners of your house.


Tapestries are a classic vintage trend when it comes to decorating homes and add a royal feeling to your house through wall décor. Tapestries are ideal for those who have a fine taste in architecture and home décor and want to give their house a Victorian Era feel. Most of the households in Europe even today have deep love for tapestries when it comes to wall décor and many house wives make these themselves too. Tapestries are ideal for formal dining room and drawing room wall decor.

They look elegant both ways, framed or hung on a rod. You can hang them above the fireplace or a dining unit and place wall hanging candles on the sides for an even classier look.


Paintings have always been a favorite item for wall décor and they look good in every era. Whether you want to give a contemporary look to your house or a classy look, paintings go well with any type of looks when it comes to great wall décor ideas. You can experiment with scenic paintings, abstract paintings, classic paintings or any kind of painting you wish. Paintings can be an ideal way to artistically decorate the room of your kids too through nice wall décor. You can get pieces of artwork and paintings of your kids framed and put them on walls. This will not only motivate your kids but it will look great too.

Wall Sculptures

Metal works like abstract wall art, metal frames, wrought iron pieces and other such items of the same sort come in wall sculptures. Such wall décor ideas ad items certainly add a modern twist to your home and speak about your artistic a taste too. If you like hunting then placing pieces of hunting like antler heads, animal skin etc is all a great option in wall décor too.

Picture Frames

Lastly and most importantly, a house is not a home until and unless you put family pictures all around the house. Family pictures add warmth to your house and they are ideal ways for spicing up wall décor ideas too. Collage frames, single frames, vintage frames, wrought iron cage and network frames and lots and lots of other designs for wall decor through picture frames is available. All you need to do is pick out the best option in wall décor for your home and give your home a unique yet warm feel by putting pictures in home as a part of essential wall decor.

So, try out these different and creative ideas for wall decor and make your home look even lovelier.

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  1. I love furnishing my space with wall paintings. I agree that they look with any décor scheme. I have several of them and even have my kcomment_ID’s artwork framed and hung! Abstract art for me is the best – you can see them in different angles and perspectives and see something different each time. Its colors can add life and personality to any room.

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