Online Gambling Statistics Men VS Women

The online gambling industry has grown in popularity over the last 5 years. Today, there are literally thousands of online casinos offering gambling opportunities to gaming enthusiasts across the globe. Men and women are both gambling at the same time. As a result, experts have noted a trend and have now come up with some stats to show how then figures stack up between men and women. You will therefore be shocked when you learn what the stats are saying as far as online gambling is concerned.

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 82% are male players, 18% are female

There are 82% male players spending their time on gambling affairs. These men prefer gambling over seeing their women for that matter. On the other hand, only 18% of women gamble at any given time. These are the typical women who don’t cook dinner on time simply because they are too busy trying to bet and win those bets.

Men lose $4,990 a year on bets; women lose $3,577 during the same period

The amount of money that men lose a year in gambling is quite high compared to that of women. This is roughly the price of 3 pints of lager each day, so they say. On the other hand, women lose enough money that is also an equivalent of 10 pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes. These figures apply to diehard female gamblers who are willing to do anything to get an opportunity of placing bets.

The duration of time that men spend gambling in their lifetime

It is estimated than men spend at least 14 months gambling in their lifetime. During this time, they will sit through 6,817 football matches. These numbers refer to the average male football fan. So this means that some guys could be sitting to watch many more matches in their lifetime.

On the other hand, women take the lead in terms of the duration of time spent in any form of gambling. Actually, women spend over 21 months gambling in their entire lifetime. This is crazy considering that women are traditionally entrusted with domestic tasks of taking care of their families. This includes taking care of her man, the kids and also making sure that the household is running as intended.

The average ages of both genders are 33 and 29 respectively

The average male gambler is aged 33 years. Apparently, this is the age where the average man will realize that their income is not able to meet all their needs. Could this mean that they are trying to stretch it too far to win more bets, and thus spending more?

On the other hand, the average age of a female gambler is 29 years. This is the age at which most women get married to become moms. So does this mean that new moms are participating in gambling as a way of occupying themselves from the boring routine of taking care of the kids?


This is a controversial comparison between men and women as far as behavioral habits of gambling is concerned. Try the best Aussie gambling casino and you will see why it's easy to become a part of this statistic. 

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