Beauties reveal bucket list

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Reigning Indian beauties — PFMI-World’09 Pooja Chopra, PFMI-Universe’09 Ekta Chowdhry and PFMI-Earth’09 Shriya Kishore were the toast of Turkey 

Well, the Turks couldn’t have asked for a better combination of beauty with brains from India. Pooja, Ekta and Shriya lived it up in the land of evil eye charms, as they went cruising on the river Bosphorus, gas-ballooned at Cappadocia and admired the architecture of the Blue Mosque and Hagiya Sophiya. They are now back home in Mumbai with great memories and a totally refreshed mind. Their travel diary read like…

Baklavas and Turkish Tea:
When it comes to culture, one can’t skip authentic cuisine. So, Pooja indulged her sweet tooth and confessed, “I couldn’t resist Turkish delights like Baklavas and the Khadaifs. I also quite liked the Imam Bayildi, Borek (pies of flaky pastry stuffed with meat) and the apple tea. They were absolutely mouth-watering.” Ekta, a strict vegan had to choose from a limited choice of barley salad and lentil soup. “I liked the local Cappadocian wine or Raki,” she said.

Istanbul, Cappadocia and bosphorus cruise:
Pooja and Ekta swore that the one city they would love to settle down in, would be Istanbul. “Cultural yet modern,” gushed the two. The Bosphorus cruise had belly dancers, great music and the most picturesque views of Europe and Asia on the two banks.

Ten things to do before I die: Overwhelmed by the sights of Turkey, Pooja said, “I enjoyed everything right from the palaces, yacht ride, hot air balloon ride, hamam bath, shopping at the spice bazaar, horse riding, cave resort, beaches, spa and great night life, the list is endless. Make a trip to Turkey part of your bucket list (10 things to do before you die).” Shriya and Ekta found Cappadocia and the yacht ride near Kempinski, most enriching.

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