Selena Quintanilla’s makeup will make you look hot

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Selena Quintanilla's makeup will make you look hot

We’ve already talked about just how important the new MAC x Selena collection is for Latinas. Like many of you Selena Quintanilla fans, I made sure to get my hands on as many of the now-sold-out products as I could. But I’ve still been left with one major question: How do I rock them to channel the Tejano singer’s most iconic beauty looks? (And hopefully, her insane confidence.)

Luckily for me, MAC Senior Artist Gisel Calvillo — who often works with Latina women and collaborated with the Quintanilla family for events promoting the new line — came through to help a sister out. She taught me how to achieve something that’s classic Selena and breaks traditional makeup rules in the best way: Dark eyes and a bold lip. (Check out the video, below, for the details.)

After some basic concealer and foundation, Cavillo contoured me with the Techno Cumbia bronzer-blush duo to highlight my cheekbones. (If you couldn’t grab the now sold-out products, try a warm bronzer and a fleshy-pink blush.) On the eyes, she traced a thick line of Boot Black eyeliner, finishing with the tiniest flick.

But the true tribute to Selena, of course, was the Dreaming of You deep-red lip, swept on after Cavillo first lined and filled my lips with a matching burgundy lipliner. The best part? The whole process turned out to be fast (30 minutes!), painless, and something I’ll be able to recreate on my own, even after my Selena products inevitably run out — though I don’t even want to think about that.

When I first met with Cavillo, I was expecting to get a few solid beauty tips, of course. What I wasn’t expecting was to feel so inspired to embrace (and deeply appreciate) my unique Latina features. The lip color was perfect for my full lips and the dark liner and big lashes really made my eyes pop. I don’t typically do both together when I do my own makeup: I’m more of a bold lip or bold eye kind of girl. But when I got back to my desk, my coworkers all fawned over how great I looked and told me I had no choice but to go out that night.

While a torrential downpour put a damper on my plans, I made sure to take plenty of selfies. Later that night, while FaceTiming with a guy I’m into, he told me that I looked so hot, he took a screenshot of me. (Sneaky.) And that look lasted. I got my makeup done around 1 p.m. and before I hopped in the shower around 10 that night, it was still flawless — so much so that I didn’t want to wipe it off. (Of course, I took a few more selfies, just for good measure.)

While there’s no word yet on when the currently sold-out collection will be relaunching (though MAC promises us it will be “soon!”), you can watch the video, below, for a little inspiration using the products you do have. And who knows, maybe you’ll channel a little Selena magic in the process.

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You can publish this article on your website as long as you provide a link back to this page.

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