These Crease-Free Hair Ties Work For Every Texture & Length

Let’s take a moment of silence for all the bobby pins and rubber bands that we lost in 2017. From the one that returned from under your movie theater seat too sticky to function, to the dozens that simply vanished, they will be remembered fondly.

In all seriousness, whether you’re rocking cool-again scrunchies (long live the ’90s) or you rely on the massive packs of thin clips from the drugstore, it’s incredibly easy to misplace things that are so, well, replaceable. But before you pay tribute to your fallen hair ties with the same ol’ same ol’, let us present a second option: crease-free elastics.

After all, it sucks when your hair tie leaves that annoying indent in the middle of your artfully-disheveled ponytail or at the end of your elaborate fishtail. Thankfully, it’s not that difficult to find covered ties that bind — without bending and creasing the hair out of shape. Six of our favorites, ahead.

Best For Short Hair

We’ve already raved about what Silke London’s Silk Hair Wraps do for our curls. Their bands, available in hues that’d make Crayola jealous, have the same effect. How? They’re made of the same silky material!

Silke London, $26, available at Neiman Marcus

Best For Medium Lengths

“More often than not, elastic bands snap under my grip or stretch too easily… then I’m left with a sad excuse for a ponytail at the office,” R29 beauty writer Sam Sasso says. “But Teleties are made from an expandable material that shrinks back into place the moment you take it out. As an added bonus, the brand donates a portion of its sales to the Global Lyme Alliance, making it one of the only hair accessories brands to actually give me warm and fuzzy feelings.”

Teleties, $9.99, available at Teleties

Best For Updos

When in doubt, take a page from Hollywood’s book and fasten your braids and buns with a simple ribbon. Not only are they gentle enough to leave no marks, but you can wear them in so many ways.

M&J Trimming, $5.98, available at M&J Trimming

Best For All Types

Cher Horowitz would be proud to rock this ’90s-inspired selection from Jen Atkin’s fourth collection with Chloe + Isabel.

Chloe + Isabel, $30, available at Chloe + Isabel

Best For Fine Hair

If there’s a such thing as option overload, then you’ll find it over on Kitsch’s site. These fabric bands — which do run on the smaller side and may be better for fine, shorter hair — are available in a variety of prints and colors that go with just about anything in your closet.

Kitsch, $8, available at Kitsch

Best For Natural Curls

This jumbo, spiraled pick is literal gold for the natural and curly crew who’ve broken their fair share of elastic headbands.

invisibobble, $7.95, available at Ulta Beauty

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