13 Undereye Concealers That Hide Planet-Sized Circles

You know how they say that youth is wasted on the young? Well, bedtime is wasted on them, too. There are way too many tiny tots who spend time arguing with their parents about when and why they have to hit the sack. Well, kids, newsflash: One day, you’ll grow up wanting more sleep (and wanting to live free of rent and other responsibilities, too). If someone told me to go to bed at 8 pm on the dot every night, I’d probably write them a thank you note.

With crazy work schedules and afternoon happy hours that sometimes lead to even happier nights (wink, wink), adults tend to put rest on the back burner. Of course, that’s obviously not a good thing… we’re all supposed to be getting around eight hours. Thank goodness for the editor-approved concealers ahead that make our undereye circles nearly non-existent… a reminder of those sacred second-grade days.

“Glossier Stretch brightens up my dark circles and has a dewier finish, so it doesn’t cake up by mid-morning. Because it’s super-thin and lightweight, it doesn’t have enough coverage to conceal bright red pimples, but for around the eyes, it’s my go-to.” — Megan Decker, production assistant

Glossier, $18, available at Glossier

“I have used Lancôme’s Maquicomplet in Correcteur (the yellow one) for no fewer than five years. It’s incredibly lightweight, brightens, and sets fully, so you totally forget you’re wearing makeup. That reminds me, I need a re-up…” — Lexy Lebsack, senior beauty editor

Lancôme, $31, available at Sephora

“On the regular, I don’t really use undereye concealers, but when I do, this is my holy grail. It’s completely opaque, meaning I don’t have to use a lot for full coverage, plus the product comes in 28 different shades — many of which I like to keep handy at all times for a natural-looking highlight and contour.” — Brianna Arps, branded lifestyle editor

L.A. Girl, $5, available at L.A. Girl

“Waking up to a pair of deep undereye circles is never pleasant. Not only is it proof that I spend most of my night scrolling aimlessly through Twitter, but it’s also a reminder that I procrastinate everything — even sleep. The one creamy, full-coverage concealer I turn to on my worst days costs less than $10 and works like magic every time I need it to.” — Samantha Sasso, beauty writer

Maybelline, $8.99, available at Ulta Beauty

“$70 is a lot to pay for a concealer, but this is not a concealer: This is a time machine. The creamy, full-coverage stick brightens dark circles, diffuses fine lines, and makes your face look about five years younger. I am at the point of using a Q-tip to scoop out that last few bits.” — Cat Quinn, beauty director

Clé de Peau Beauté, $70, available at Neiman Marcus

“I’ve been covering up my dark circles since I was about 13 (thanks, dad, for passing along this beautiful gift), so I’ve tried in the ballpark of about a gazillion concealers. But none have ever compared to this silky formula. It doesn’t just camouflage my unsightly shadows, it’s also packed with a plethora of brightening ingredients to actually fade ’em over time.” — Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor

Bobbi Brown, $42, available at Sephora

“I love Nars’ new Soft Matte Concealer for covering breakouts or acne scars, but this liquid continues to be my favorite for my eye area. It actually looks like skin so you can fool everyone into thinking your undereyes are really that bright. I tap it onto my lid as a primer, too.” — Quinn

NARS, $30, available at Ulta Beauty

“A few Coachellas ago, I packed this tiny tube in my desert clutch and was amazed at how it held up throughout the hot, sweaty day. No creases, no running, no nothing.” — Khalea Underwood, beauty writer

Urban Decay, $28, available at Urban Decay

“Concealing is a three-step process for dark, cavernous under-eyes like mine: I go in with my favorite heavy-duty concealer first, then set with a generous amount of powder to keep it from creasing on my oily skin, then brighten up the area with this… brightener. A couple dots around the inner corners and just beneath the eye, tapped in gently with my index finger, and I look downright refreshed. (Emphasis on look.)” — Rachel Krause, beauty writer

bareMinerals, $23, available at Sephora

“The concealer has the power of the brand’s cult classic Secret Camouflage concealer (a two-pan cream that I find cumbersome to use daily), but with a dewy, natural finish. It also has a plush, flexible applicator that makes it easy to dab all over the face without having to re-dip for more.” — Chan

Laura Mercier, $28, available at Laura Mercier

“Nope, this isn’t a mistake — Fenty’s pros use the brand’s foundation to conceal. The trick, according to Priscilla Ono, is choosing a color at least three shades lighter than your base. When she matched me, she used 480 for my face and 460 for my undereyes.” — Underwood

Fenty, $34, available at Sephora

“This is great if you have dryness or crepiness around your eyes, because it offers a lot of moisture.” — Andre Sarmiento, celebrity makeup artist

Almay, $12.99, available at walgreens.com

“For dark under-eye circles, reach for a highly-pigmented concealer like this one from Bobbi Brown. The formula is thicker than any others in this slideshow, but thanks to its full-coverage finish, you can use less. Just a dab will do.” — Chan

Bobbi Brown, $28, available at Bobbi Brown

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