Autumn Outfit Selection

If you ask me in one word about what’s in in autumn this year, my answer would be everything. This time, we are seeing a fusion of what was already in for the last few years with the trendy winter wear to add a touch of funk and groove. This autumn, you have a chance to make a fashion statement of your own so my tip is to go a bit creative and versatile. Check out what the big designer names dish out for you and what the famous models wear as they walk on the ramps.

Some of the best ideas about autumn outfits can be taken from Expo Fashion Show held in Karachi on 4th and 5th October, 2012. Renowned designers i.e. Sonya Batla, Amin Gulgee, Faiza Samee, Nova Leathers and Adnan Pardesy etc. presented their signature styled wardrobe donned by famous models such as Nadia Hussain. Adnan Pardesy tips working women to wear long shirts with courts, Capri and choridaar to ooze out a casual yet stylish look.

If you love jeans and western outfits, you might want to know what’s in. This time around it is fancy shirts that are going with jeans and long skirts. Plain white cotton shirts accentuated with stylish jackets are yet another signature fashion statement of the season. As for the in colors, it is the vibrant green, red, white, brown and black. The fabric of autumn is chiffon and pure silk. Kaftan is back in style. Sindhi styled shirts with thread embroidery and coin work are impressing ladies in a large number.

Some of the designers such as Maxco have added a bright pink scarf to their menswear which is a breath of fresh air and a smart addition to the regular dull colors men usually wear. Apart from outfits, leather clutches, long chained bags and small yellow hand-helds are popular accessories.

So ladies and gentlemen, live the 2012 autumn with your own chutzpah and style. Make your own style statement. Go funky, go bright and oh yes… do keep the tips I shared with you in your mind.

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