32 Signs You’re Living In A Hipster Apartment

Sure, every home has a bed and a couch, and probably also that Ikea LACK coffee table (even if it has been demoted to holding last-season’s shoes in that hidden-away corner)…but, who would have guessed that there would come a day when most of the apartments you’d come across would also feature decorative antlers on the walls? Or, the same handicraft throw draped across the couch? Or, the same exact limited-print magazine littering the same Kilim-rug-covered wood floor? 

It’s no coincidence that a few choice, indie objects are becoming more and more ubiquitous — as more of your friends turn toward the hipster lifestyle, so too do their interiors. To investigate this phenomenon, we’ve done a little ethnographic field work and filed our notes for you. Ahead, several typical hipster rooms and the telltale signs that you (or your brethren) are living in just such an abode.


1. Decorative antlers adorning the wall, with bonus points if the animal they’re attached to is mythical — like a Jackalope or a unicorn. 

2. A chalkboard wall (passive-aggressive roommate notes, optional) 

3. A “Keep Calm And Carry On” poster. 

4. Ironically bad art including, but not restricted to: kittens, Anne Geddes, Thomas Kinkade, Fabio. 

5. Light-up or neon wall art. 

6. A French bulldog named something inanimate, like Snack, or too-human, like Derrick. 

7. Wood-sanded floors covered in over-dyed Kilim rugs. 

8. A terrarium collection. 

9. A vintage record player setup — or, for the hardcore, a tape deck-only situation. 


10. A rolling clothing rack stocked with vintage sundresses and varsity jackets. 

11. Skateboards used as decorative wall art instead of transportation.  

12. A vintage movie poster from Labyrinth

13. A collection of analog cameras. 

14. A (non-functional) vintage typewriter scavenged at a junk sale. 

15. A tangle of white Apple cords for charging all of your iDevices.  

16. A “Believer” subscription, because, like, how good is that design?


17. Obviously expensive tumblers and wine glasses, but coffee mugs exclusively bought at garage sales. 

18. A Momofuku cookbook. This only counts if it is prominently displayed. 

19. An ironically tacky clock from a grandparent’s home. May also come in the form of a hula dancer, a plate of bacon and eggs, or a walleye. 

20. Black-and-white photographs clothespinned onto twine. 

21. A vintage anatomy prop.  

22. Oh look! Another terrarium. 

23. Any home-brew operation. May include DIY beer, kombucha, or moonshine.  

24. A repurposed farm table surrounded by the ever-popular “ghost chairs.” 

25. A fridge packed with assorted green juices, craft beers, kale, pickles, truffle oil, Annie’s burritos, and slightly graying produce from the co-op. 


26. Art created by “my friend Geoff” that he let go for $75, even though “it’s worth at least, like, double that.”  

27. A hanging bike contraption…complete with suspiciously clean wheels. 

28. Cross-stich pillow featuring a swear word, like “Home, F******-Sweet Home.” 

29. Reclaimed movie theater-style reclining chair. 

30. Midcentury furniture. Or, at least, modern furniture designed to look like midcentury furniture. 

31. A perfectly mint ’80s Nintendo console, complete with the awkward little bro of the Mario series, Mario 2, in the slot. 

32. A couch throw purchased on a recent trip to an “exotic” locale, like Mexico City or Istanbul. 

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