SAG Awards 2013: The Good, The Bad, And The Boring

I don’t know if it’s just me, but SAG Awards this year were really short on the wow factor. Too much boring black, ill-fitting gowns galore, and as a result someone I find super annoying is my choice for Best Dressed of the night. What is happening?! Anyway…here’s my Good, Bad, and Ugly Boring line up for the night.

GOOD: Giuliana Rancic

As annoying as I find her, this vibrant blue Max Azria Atelier gown is both simple and simply stunning. I love the unembellished black (navy?) belt, her understated jewellery, and the messy up-do. Good job, Giuliana’s stylist!


BAD: Naya Rivera

Ugh…this Donna Karan dress…I really just can’t. Too many ruffles, the wrinkly fabric, The Squeeze of desperation…and on top of it, it’s black too! This dress gives all LBDs a bad name. Can we all agree that this is a mess?!

BORING: Marion Cotillard

We might be fighting about this…but I really think she can do SO MUCH MUCH MUCH better than this. This Dior dress (just like the one from the Globes) is offensive to me. The fabric is super bridesmaidsy, and though of course, Marion is so exquisite, I can’t help but see THIS instead. I’m sure the level of craftsmanship is beyond, but the shiny skirt, and the drooping bow do not make this dress a winner for me.

Photo Credits: Fabsugar

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