Bet You Didn’t Know Florence Welch Made An Awesome Jewelry Collection

Just when we thought that Florence Welch — that Grammy-nominated force of musical nature — couldn’t impress us anymore, we were…partially right. The U.K. songbird (and sometimes Karl Lagerfeld muse) has just opened Flotique, a small online shop of accessories. 

Rather than be plastered with Florence + The Machine logos or other likenesses, the small collection of jewelry is a slightly more abstract way to show your musical allegiance. Colored chain hangs from cutout circles and triangles to form dangly earrings or pendants. The collection’s sole bracelet cuff is an update from those metal health bracelets that were all the rage a little while ago. There’s also a ring in the shape of a birdcage — ’nuff said. 

While we can’t say that it’s the best piece of art Welch has ever created, it is most definitely a fun way to wear your musical preference…should you ever get bored of a classic band tee, that is.


Flotique Ceremonials ‘A’ Dangling Earrings, $45.41, available at Flotique.


Flotique Ceremonials ‘O’ Multistrand Necklace, $60.54, available at Flotique.


Flotique Ceremonials ‘A’ Pendant Necklace, $60.54, available at Flotique.


Flotique Ceremonials ‘A’ Cuff Bracelet, $75.68, available at Flotique.


Flotique Ceremonials ‘O’ Dangling Earrings, $45.41, available at Flotique.


Flotique Ceremonials Cage Ring, $30.27, available at Flotique.

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