Stick On Makeup

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Stick On MakeupThere are lots of lavish occasions where you can’t go without a makeup. When you have to go to such occasions and you have to put on makeup and you don’t have time to do it. Sometimes you have time to do makeup but you don’t know how to do it such as some eye makeup are really tricky to do it so for it you can use a stick on makeup.

Stick on makeup is a makeup which is in a form of sticker and you can apply it where ever you want to. The most important benefit of using this stick makeup is that it is water proof. They are very easily available in markets. 

One of the hit stick on makeup is fake eyelashes. It is very much in use and moreover brides used them so they can have long lashes. Long lashes are the symbol of beauty. False lashes are now very common and you can now get it everywhere. They are very simple to apply, all you have to do it take lashes and glue in little amount and stick them with your natural lashes and curl them.

Sticks on nails have become very common nowadays. Now you can get kits which and you can apply all types of stick on nails at home. There are acrylic nails, glue on nails easily available in the kits.  There are also nail wraps, these are just like sticker you apply them on nails and you are done.

In Pakistan there are many brands which are offering stick on nail polishes in different colors. Now they are also available in stripes and when you stick on the nail polish you can remove the extra with the stick which is given in the kit.

These stick on nail polishes last on your nails till 8 to 12 days and if you want to remove them you can use nail polish removers. It is just like the normal nail polish but the difference is that you don’t have to dry it. These nail polishes are really beautiful, they are versatile.

There is every kind of stick on makeup available; one of them is temporary lip tattoos. These tattoos have made their place in the market, everyone wears it. The temporary lip tattoos are something western but in Pakistan people are also using it. Lip tattoos are easily available in different designs and colors. The important thing is how to apply the lip tattoos for that all you need to do is that trim the lip tattoo according to your lips and add water when you are transferring the tattoo to the lips.

They are really funky and you feel like you are a kid again. If you want to stand out somewhere put the tattoo you will look great. It will make you look bolder and of course stylish too.

Stick on makeup is an amazing thing, everyone should try out to look different and unique. Stick on makeup is a style statement nowadays.

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