5 Reasons To Try Out A Crop Top This Summer

If you squint in dark lighting, it looks like you might have two-pack abs. You’re not — despite your best intentions — a Spice Girl. You wouldn’t like for everyone to know whether or not you’ve had lunch. So, why would you ever wear a crop top? 

But, here’s the thing: They’re awesome. We used to consider crop tops with the same disdain as you, but realized that we didn’t have to wear them like we saw ’em in the early ’00s. With some persuasion, some guidance, and some confidence-boosting motivators, we’re pretty sure we can get you into one of these soon enough. Scroll through for our five-step program to crop-top nirvana!


Step 1: You Don’t Have To Wear Low-Rise Jeans With Them — You get anxiety about the thought of showing your belly button to anyone outside of the beach or the bedroom…and don’t worry! We’re not asking you to flaunt it anytime soon. You’d be surprised at just how different you’ll feel about a crop top by the mere act of covering up your belly. Whether you’re in a high-waisted pencil skirt or baggy high-waisted shorts, a crop top lets you flaunt the smallest (and in most cases, most toned) area of your body — that strip right around your sternum. Just make sure your top and your bottoms don’t fit too tight lest your sternum spilleth over. 

Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal


Step 2: You Can Go Boxy If You Want To — There’s no rule that your top has to be tight. We love how a cropped top looks all baggy and boxy, especially paired with something that’s got some volume on the bottom as well. Loose-fit trousers, A-line skirts, or a pair of culottes all make cropped tops look sweet, not sleazy. 

Improvd Asymmetric Cropped Knitted Top, $76.36, available at ASOS.


Step 3: Like Your Shirts Tucked In? This Basically Does The Same Thing — Are you a big fan of tucking your tops into your high-waisted skirts but not a fan of how they always seem to get untucked throughout the day? Crop tops might save your outfits. They end right below the top of your skirt or short’s waistband, giving you the look of a tucked-in top but with none of the hassle. 

Topshop Garcon Crop Top, $32, available at Topshop.


Step 4: Feel Free To Cover Up Creatively — Don’t think that pants, shorts, and skirts are your only option. Crop tops also can act as a creative first layer when it comes to overalls, sheer dresses, pinafores, and more. 

Photo: Courtesy of Topshop


Step 4: Got A Cropped Set? Think About It Like A Dress — Chances are, matching sets these days come in a high-waisted bottom and a cropped-top shape, which sounds way more challenging than it actually is. If you feel like wearing a matching top and bottom will make you look like you’re in children’s pajamas, take stock: There’s no real difference between this shape and a peplum dress you’ve gotten comfortable with wearing…except, you can’t take apart your dress and wear the top and bottom separately now, can you? Win-win! 

Pixie Market Daisy Set, $69, available at Pixie Market.

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