The Traveler’s Guide To Looking Gorgeous

Once July fully descends upon us in all of its muggy, sweltering glory, the only thing we love more than heading to the nearest beach is heading to a faraway beach — or mountain, or small town, or anywhere but the same old scene we’ve been sweating. And, though we might be forced to sacrifice some comforts while traveling (wait, there’s nowhere to get fresh green juice on the New Jersey Turnpike?) we’re not willing to part with our beauty routines. Just because we’re going to be seat-belted in for the next six hours doesn’t mean we’re going to let ourselves go. It’s as much for our own benefit as for our traveling companions: Trust us, we make much better travel buddies when we’re looking (and, ahem, smelling) fresh. 

Want to know our secrets? It’s all in the products — obviously. For our traveling needs, we’ve upped the ante to include products strong enough to keep us glowing while we’re schlepping; it takes a small army of items, but we’d rather our bags be a little bit heavier than have to wince every time we catch ourselves in the mirror. Scroll through and see what we’re using, and then let us know what you do to stay gorg while you get away from it all.


To keep our smell-appeal up, we’re going for a scent that’s simple, classic, and clean. This lemon vanilla rollerball won’t overpower vacation companions in a small space, yet is strong enough to cover up any travel-related staleness. Plus, the roller application means you won’t risk spraying someone who doesn’t want to share. 

Lavanila Fresh Vanilla Lemon Rollerball, $19, available at Sephora.


Eight-hour road trip? Cross-country flight? Don’t think twice about your lotion. Intended to be used by road warriors and frequent flyers, this dual moisturizer/broad-spectrum sunscreen will keep your skin hydrated all day.

This Works In Transit Skin Defence Moisturiser, $39.20, available at Beauty Bay.


Can’t decide whether to pack the gloss or the stick? This gloss/lipstick duo makes the decision for you, in a classic shade that looks good on literally everyone.

Clinique Black Honey Lip Duo, $21, available at Sephora.


Hair greases up real fast on a long trip, so we’re always armed with a favorite dry shampoo — who has time to worry about washing the locks when there’s an adventure to be had?

Kevin Murphy Dry Shampoo, available at Kevin Murphy for salons.


Being in transit is no excuse for a chapped pout. This lux lip balm is a must for smoothing things right out, whether you’re traveling with someone to kiss or not. 

Eve Lom Kiss Mix, $22, available at Nordstrom.


There are a million reasons why your face feels blah when you’re traveling, but you only need one quick spray of this floral water to revitalize your complexion. 

Fresh Rose Marigold Floral Tonic Water, $38, available at Barneys.


Wearing makeup in transit is a nice thought, but when it starts to smudge, you’re going to need a quick fix. These cotton swabs with eye makeup remover are perfect for fixing your liner and mascara in a pinch.

Sephora Collection Targeted Eye Remover Swabs, $9, available at Sephora.


We’re pretty sure BB cream was invented with the needs of the traveling woman in mind. We’re loving this new one, which imparts a natural-looking glow.

Yves Saint Laurent Top Secrets All In One BB Cream, $50, available at YSL Beauty.


With our bags so full of skincare products, it’s time to lighten up our makeup load. This kit has everything we need for a fabulous face, even brushes

Bare Escentuals Buxom Passport Collection: The Day Tripper Edition, $39, available at Bare Escentuals.


Real talk: There’s no place for pit stains in our itinerary. These wipes help stop sweat, so we can arrive at our destination as fresh and cool as when we started out.

Dermadoctor Medetate, $48.00, available at Ulta.

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