Fall Hair: New Looks, New Heights

Let’s get this out of the way: Long, healthy, mermaid hair will never stop being enviably gorgeous. When summer ends and the cooler temps allow everyone to finally (and literally) let their hair down, we’re usually dazzled by the reappearance of flowing tresses. But, as we ease into fall this time around,the hair we’re most excited about is the hair that’s doing it a little differently. And, by a little, we mean a lot. It seems the time is nigh for women to take the plunge into hair that’s bolder, edgier, and more daring. 

Fall is a time for reinvention and renewal, and based on what we’ve seen so far, this means more extreme angles, shorter lengths, brighter colors, greater heights, and a delightful smattering of asymmetry. The best part? It’s all completely wearable. Lest anyone worry that fall’s prettiest new cuts won’t work for them, we rounded up our favorite looks for all kinds of hair types and face shapes. There’s a hair reinvention in here for every level of bravery, too — from styles that are simply a cool twist on a throwback ‘do (pigtails, anyone?) to an androgynous crop that takes the pixie to a whole new level. 

We couldn’t be more excited for this tectonic shift in hairstyles. If this is the future of hair, count us in.


Musician Lianne La Havas has hair that is pretty much coolness, defined. Her textured curls are flipped upwards and fall asymmetically — it’s reminiscent of a pompadour, only pushed forward instead of slicked back. This hairstyle is proof that curly girls can (and dare we say, should?) have short hair, because of all the fun shapes they can make with it.


There’s a pixie, and then there’s Coco Rocha’s new crop. It’s short on the sides and longer on the top, with a deep side part, giving her hair an androgynous appeal. Usually pixie cuts have some sort of feminine, romantic softness to them, but there’s none of that here — and that’s why we love it. Rocha’s extremely well-defined jawline helps maximize the gorgeousness of her cut: She’s all angles, and it’s really working.


Whether you’re growing your hair out or gradually chopping it off, Leigh Lezark’s tiny bob is a great stepping stone in either direction. There’s no such thing as awkward lengths, only awkward haircuts, and this length and cut has the power to solve the world’s in-between-hair problems. Plus, her deep side part adds an edgy element, and we love how it’s pushed back toward her ears rather than in her face like most bobs. It works perfectly with her heart-shaped face.


Juno Temple’s ponytail isn’t just just-so-disheveled. This is one chic mess — like a hot mess, only more intentional. So, in case anyone thought that a ponytail had to be perfect, let this be a lesson to you. And, if you have super-fine hair, you can get this look by using a crimping iron and lots of hair spray before putting it up. (Oh, didn’t you hear? Crimping is back.)


Uzo Aduba’s veritable pile of hair creates one of the most stunning updos we’ve seen recently. There’s no Crazy Eyes here — just gorgeously twisted locks with crazy-pretty volume that create a stunningly flattering shape. Since it leans to one side, there’s a subtle asymmetry that prevents it from looking too much like a beehive (though we do love a good beehive).


There are a few things currently happening with Jena Malone’s hair that makes us love it. Not only is this bob the perfect length (falling between her jaw and her shoulders), that side part/swoop situation she has is about to be on everyone, everywhere. But, that’s not all. While other bobs we’ve seen recently have featured pin-straight, bluntly cut hair, Malone’s piece-y, wavy texture adds a refreshingly laid-back element. In fact, after seeing this, we’ve started to wish that all bobs featured waves like hers.


We wrote about Caroline Polachek’s splashlights a few weeks ago, and have continued to grow excited about this rad new look ever since. Designed to look like there’s a beam of light hitting her hair, Polachek’s ‘do is perhaps the next ombré. Or, perhaps it’s so new and different that it’s not the next anything — it’s a first. We’re really hoping this gorgeous dye job catches on, so that we can look at it more. This is a great way to put an unconventional spin on long hair.


Zosia Mamet’s long waves are the kind we’d love to have. What sets her look apart is the way it’s only somewhat behind her ears. By leaving just one lovely piece in front of each ear, there’s a definite bed-head vibe. It combines with her middle part to create a bohemian look that’s still modern and effortlessly cool. Her intense eyeliner in this photo doesn’t hurt, either.


Rooney Mara has pretty standard long, straight hair with a middle part, and this throwback ‘do is just what the doctor ordered to switch things up. With her part preserved and the ponytails fastened behind her ears, it suggests an elegance that goes beyond what we normally think of with pigtails. Plus, her hair is wavy, adding a cool-girl element to this youthful style.

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