Damage Comes Clean with Pantene Pro-V Anti-Oxidant Technology

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Pantene is excited to introduce a new era of shampoos with Anti-Oxidant technology that helps reduce the daily oxidative damage that all hair faces, providing healthier hair with every wash.

Developed in partnership with the Pantene Hair Research Institute, this new formula fights the daily oxidative damage caused by UV light, chemical treatments and the copper found in everyone’s water.

Pantene is challenging the belief that shampooing is bad for your hair. With the new clinically-tested Pantene Anti-Oxidant technology, found across all base shampoos, you can get healthier hair with every wash*.


How it works:

In partnership with the Pantene Hair Research Institute, Pantene scientists found that oxidative minerals produce free radicals that attack hair’s vital proteins, weakening it over time. Although there are many sources of oxidants – from environmental factors like UV light to chemical treatments like peroxides – this new technology stems from the discovery that the oxidative process is amplified by the copper found in everyone’s water.

The NEW Anti-Oxidant technology targets, captures and helps neutralize excessive copper impurities in hair. With continued use of this new formula, found across all shampoos in Pantene’s base collections, copper-induced oxidative stress declines and hair’s proteins are better preserved, allowing hair condition to improve over time.

If extra damage repair is what you need, ‘reset’ your over-worked hair with the NEW Pantene Damage Detox collection. The four-part wellness system cleanses impurities, protects from oxidative damage and provides shine. To learn more about the NEW Pantene Pro-V Anti-Oxidant technology and the Damage Detox collection, please visit Pantene.ca

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