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With each passing year, we move forward with a bundle of bittersweet memories. 2015 has been the best so far as I managed to engage myself in so many mundane activities; I am a very private person, and I spend a lot of time in reading books that are written by British authors. I mainly focus on British English, because I want my content to be impeccable. Books have played a massive role in my life; I firmly believe that they make you a better person. Before proceeding any further, I would like to mention a few facts about myself – I usually refrain from making any new friends for no particular reason. All of my family members often urge me to embrace new things, but I recoil from all those novel experiences as I like to cling to whatever I already have. I strongly believe that there's no place for pretense in my life. I do not have any New Year resolutions to share with you all as I do not desire any changes in my life. Happy New Year to each one of you; may all of your wishes come true. There's no harm in making changes in your life as long as you are ready and capable of accepting them. Anyway, I came across a lot of new products this past year, and I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you all.
Bourjois Paris went all festive last year and came out with their Christmas collection called 'Night Lights in Paris'. I appreciate the fact that Bourjois is an inexpensive brand, and they do have a phenomenal range of products. Now, I always mention the fact that I adore bold and bright lip colors, so trust me when I'm saying that I could not stop wearing this lipstick ever since I received it. I have been looking for a perfect formula since so long, but could not find one until December. The liquid lipsticks that I own from other brands are not wearable, and I am planning to throw them into the bin as they make my lips dry. However, the Rouge Edition Velvet lipstick by Bourjois feels soft on my lips; it is transferable, but won't cause you any pain. It's certainly the most comfortable liquid lipstick I've ever tried. This particular lipstick is available in various different colors, but the one I own is in shade 'Pure Red'. You ought to try this product if you love liquid lipsticks. Furthermore, I'm not much of an eye shadow person, and I refrain from investing in any sort of eye pigments. However, I do enjoy wearing a couple of shades such as golden and silver. I always end up looking like a raccoon whenever I make an unsuccessful attempt to do smoky makeup. I cannot even recall the times I wore this particular product last year. I am impressed and satisfied with the quality of this palette as all of the eye shadows are highly pigmented.

Mary Lou Manizer from the Balm cosmetics stole my heart. I cannot even recall the times I wore this particular highlighter this past year. Even when I skipped highlighting my cheekbones, I wore it all over my eyelids. Mary Lou is a pale golden highlighter that you can wear on a daily basis; you can switch from medium to heavy application depending on your mood. Most of the highlighters are expensive, but Mary Lou, on the other hand, is easily accessible and budget friendly. 

I received a couple of products from Sigma Beauty last year, but I could not post anything about them as I was busy with some other stuff. I have been using the E39 brush by Sigma Beauty to blend and buff my eye shadows; it can be used to smudge the lower lash line as well. I personally feel that all of the brushes by Sigma Beauty are multifunctional and can be used for various different purposes. Furthermore, I tried a few brushes from ‘Morphe’ last year, but they failed to impress me. I refrain from investing in cheap eye brushes, and I always buy the ones that are soft and reliable. People at Sigma Beauty were kind enough to send me a bunch of different pamphlets and instruction manuals, and I was pleased when I read that all of their brushes get 8 coats of paint. After searching and reading for two whole days, I finally came to the conclusion that their brushes are unbeatable.
I am a lipstick hoarder; I invest most of my money in lip products. I tried a few red lipsticks last year, and this particular lipstick was one of them. I came across this lipstick when I was searching for a wine red lipstick; I was looking for a dupe of Wet n Wild’s Cinnamon Spice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a similar shade, but I do not regret buying this one. MAC’s Studded Kiss is a wine red lipstick with a hint of purple shade; it’s basically a lighter version of MAC’s Diva. You ought to give this lipstick a go if you are a fan of vampy lipsticks like me.
I got a lot of nail polishes from OPI last year, and most of them were dark and bold. OPI contacted me last year and asked if I would be interested in trying their Venice collection. Before proceeding any further, I would like to mention a fact that I am a humongous fan of Venice city; it’s my dream to visit it one day. I was pleased when I got my hands on 3 different nail polishes from OPI’s Venice collection; red is not my favorite color, but I always gravitate towards it whenever I look for a lipstick or a nail polish. The nail polish that I am talking about is called ‘Amore at The Grand Canal’, and it’s definitely the best red nail polish I’ve ever tried. I’d recommend you to go for it if you’re into bold nail paints like me.
That’s pretty much for now. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates.
Until next time!
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