Trifle Pudding Recipe

Trifle Pudding 

Ingredients :

1 sponge cake

1 cup cream

¼ -½ packet jelly

1 tin pineapple slices

1½ lts milk custard

1 tin cherries

Method :

Cut the sponge cake into three round slices.

Make each slice ½-1 inch thick.

Prepare the jelly & set it in the bowl in which you are going to serve it.

Prepare the custard, making it more liquid then normal custard because it has to flow easily.

After the jelly has been set remove the bowl from the refrigerator.

Place one slice of cake over the jelly layer.

Sprinkle little pineapple sugar syrup from the tin.

Place three – four pineapple slices over this with a gap of 1-2 inches along the circumference of the bowl.

Then pour some custard liquid over this.

Then place another slice of cake.

Pour some pineapple sugar syrup over it & place the pineapple slices & pour some custard again.

Repeat this once again starting from the cake slice to the custard.

Then take some sweetened cream & spread it all over & decorate with the cherries.

Then refrigerate it & serve it cold.

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