Italian Zabaione Recipe



• 4 large egg yolks

• 4 Tbsp. sugar

• 7 Tbsp. dry Marsala wine


1• Using an electric hand blander beat the egg yolks, add in the sugar in a medium sauce pan until fluffy and light yellow. Use the medium-high speed.

2• Add the Marsala wine without stopping to mix the batch.

3• Immediately after mixing in the Marsala set the sauce pan in an other pan with simmering water or on the top of a double boiler. You should never stop mixing from when you start until it is ready.

4• Beat the sauce for about 10 minutes while holding the saucepan in the water. Remember, the water doesn’t have to boil.

5• The Zabaione is ready when the cream has doubled in volume and it is fluffy and soft.

6• Serve it immediately. Serves 4

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