Desi cocktails

Who ever said don’t ‘mix your drinks’ never knew about our desi twisters!

You don’t really have to go for the plain narial paani or mango panna , innovative bartenders are adding an element of fun and loads of zing by giving drinks an Indian turn. Here we bring to you some desised cocktails. So spice up your drink with a kadak tadka or sip it with sugarcane juice for a zara hatke high!

Sharabi Nariayal
This drink is all about coconut and vodka. The sweet malai is scraped from inside the green coconut and left to be sipped with the vodka. The coconut is filled with vodka mixed with a dash of lemon juice, for a tangy flavour. Garnish the drink with mint and it’s ready to be served.

Sugar Hurricane
As the saccharine name suggests, this concoction is made by mixing the good ol’ ganne ka ras with vodka. The drink is served with strips of sugarcane soaked in vodka which is garnished for a minty flavour. After you finish the drink you can chew on the sugarcane, relishing the vodka in it!

Piru Pyala
Piru Pyala is another vodka drink infused with guava juice for a fruity taste. For a khatta-meetha experience, a dash of lemon juice is added to the mix. The drink is then garnished with roasted cumins.

Masala Mar Ke
Imagine this. A kadak desi tadka to vodka with a dash of mirchi and chaat masala. This sure will make the desi palate asking for more. Spicy and zingy, vodka will never be the same!

Tom Yum Mohito
This is a mohito teamed with Thai Tom Yum mix, which is first frozen and mixed with demerara and then added to the mohito. This sour cocktail is infused with spices and ginger for a tangy taste.

Masala Martini
It’s quite simply an Indian twist to James Bond’s favourite drink. Well, this is the always shaken not stirred martini, mixed with masalas to stir up your senses!

Desi Tadka
This is a cocktail of vodka, fresh tomato, beetroot and carrot juice, flavoured with ginger and Indian spices.

Buzz Masala
The exciting concoction uses mango panna, mixed with white spirits, lemon juice and chaat masala to spice it up for you. The drink is topped with lemonade and garnished with green chillies and lime wedges to add that extra chaska-maska to it!

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