Home Remedies for Upset Stomach

All family members should be aware of the home remedies for upset stomach as an upset stomach is something that almost each one of us gets once in a while. You do not have to rush to your doctor at the hospital every time someone has an upset stomach at your place as there are some very good and natural home remedies for upset stomach which are hassle free as well. Some of them are discussed here.

A very common and easy one of the home remedies for upset stomach is green tea. You can definitely have it whenever you have an upset stomach. All you have to do is boil water and put in the green tea leaves and leave it for two minutes by covering it. Have your green tea and relief will come to you in no time. It is one of the best home remedies for upset stomach.

Eating little portion of yogurt is one of the excellent home remedies for upset stomach. It has the much needed bacteria which help in digestion and making it easier for your upset stomach to get better in very less time. Also, fluid intake should be greatly increased when you have an upset stomach as when you are sick with a stomach disorder; you tend to lose a lot of water and fluids from your body which results in dehydration which is very dangerous and fatal in some cases too.

Fennel seeds in boiled water is also one of the oldest, tried and tested home remedies for upset stomach which works every time. Just throw in some fennel seeds in boiling water and drink it. You will definitely get relief and feel a lot better. If hunger pangs strike you, do NOT go for heavy food items and stick with a light slice of bread with a little bit of butter. Chew well so that you are able to digest it.

The most important one of the home remedies for upset stomach which actually is prevention too is that you stay away from oily stuff and spices. Stick to very basic and natural diet while you are going through a stomach flu or stomach disorder. The typical and yummy Pakistani rice stew (khichri) is the best lunch and dinner if you follow the home remedies for upset stomach.

There are always a lot of natural home remedies for upset stomach available on the web and even if you run out of them, we have our mothers and grandmothers for all our guidance. Always go for the home remedies for upset stomach that are tried and tested only. Do not believe in and follow all sorts of home remedies for upset stomach.

It is always best to follow natural home remedies for upset stomach because if you have too many strong antibiotics or medicines every now and then for an upset stomach, the body gets a little too immune plus you might get even further problems like the medicine might not suit you and your stomach disorder condition might persist.

It is best to stay away from food for a little while if your condition is really bad. Keep your stomach empty but remember that if you keep your stomach empty for an exceedingly long time that can prove to be dangerous too. So try and follow the above mentioned home remedies for upset stomach whenever you or anyone in your family goes through a bad stomach.

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