Finding Shangri La: Can You Hear Me Now And Success Blocking Noise Stress

Communication is everything, not only in relationships but also in business.  Many years ago, when I was still teaching Yoga to the general public, I taught in a school which was very large and the acoustics were awful.  So awful, in fact, that when I would instruct the class to :"touch their toes", they thought I said "eat your toast".  We used to laugh about this, but it won’t be a laughing matter for you, if you loose an important business deal simply because you’re on a mobile phone with a very bad connection on the other end and you can’t be heard clearly.  If you must use a mobile phone, before you start speaking painfully into the ear of your contact, ask if you are being heard clearly, easily and comfortably.  When I have to strain to hear, strain to try to understand what is being said to me, and I’m being subjected to a  barraged of fast-paced words, now distorted by an unstable connection and the person on the other end doesn’t come up for air long enough for me to interject that I’m having a problem, I just want to get off the line.  Remember that if you don’t make sure the lines of communication are amenable to your contact, it’s the same as rudely barging into their home and office and disrupting them with a lot of clamor.  Your family and friends might forgive you, but if you loose a job, fail to make yourself clearly understood or force your contact to want to get off the phone, you won’t forgive yourself.  Keep all communication in your field open, clear, with good intention, good social amenity; take time to breathe in between what you are saying, especially when on a mobile phone and watch the better results come your way.  Speaking is connected to breathing, breathing energizes the Field for the betterment or the detriment.  Believe……….
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