Finding Shangri La: Staying Out of Other People’s Conversations

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This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

Finding Shangri La: Staying Out of Other People's ConversationsWe all do it, on occasion we start to speak and the time lapse between some mobile phones causes us to interrupt the start of another person’s sentence, or it happens in reverse.  We have to make allowances for that if we’re to carry on business without constantly being upset.  However, if we’ve gotten into the bad habit of interrupting other people mid-stream because we simply can’t remain at ease long enough to let them finish, we’re in a pickle.  We run the risk of appearing rude, or missing important information that could be a gem that we need to hear. If we’re constantly interrupted by someone with this bad habit, we can loose our train of thought, which is essential to our professional stratagem.  It’s just plain bad manners. It’s as bad mannered as interjecting a comment into an overheard conversation that doesn’t include you, just to hear yourself talk.  Not coming up for air to breathe during a conversation indicates too much adrenalin in the body causing the need to push into the other persons space and it indicates a lack of proper breathing. Constantly talking without a deep breathe once in a while, will derange your energy and cause you to feel depleted.   In the Second Principle of Finding Shangri La, the emphasis is on learning how the breath is connected intrinsically with speech.  Remembering to take a deep breath before making a phone call, and continuing to create space in your conversation, may be the key factor in "breathing life" into your next conference call, sales pitch, interview, long distance romance, or even suffering through a difficult static filled ear jamming call.  Just breathe and you’re going to find that your success rate, your "being heard" rate and your "being understood"  rate will all escalate into pure gold.  Believe…….
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