Lethal Listeria Death Toll on the Rise

According to the Federal Health authorities a countrywide listeria outbreak in Colorado cantaloupes has now claimed 21 lives and it may lead to more deaths.

On Friday the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed more deaths in New York and Indiana. The CDC also confirmed a death of one person in Wyoming which was reported by state officials last week. CDC said as many as 109 people have been sickened in the outbreak — including the 21 dead — in 23 states from California to the East Coast.

Formerly the agency revealed death of five people in Colorado, 5 in New Mexico, two each in Kansas and Texas and one each in Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma. CDC also reported a case of miscarriage because of the outbreak.

The current death toll in cantaloupe outbreak is exactly the same as seen previously in 1998 outbreak of listeria in hot dogs and also deli meats made by Bil Mar Foods, a subsidiary of Sara Lee Corp. In 1998 outbreak also reported deaths of 21 people and prior to that the most lethal outbreak of listeria was in Mexican-style soft cheese in 1985, which was linked to 52 deaths.

According to CDC official the symptoms of this deadly outbreak can take as many as two months to show and everyone should be prepared for more illnesses in the month of October.

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