What games help improve memory?

Do you want to improve your memory and have fun at the same time? You can exercise regularly in order to improve your memory and thinking skills and you can play games!! There are all sorts of games that might be helpful for your brain health. Some claim that video games can be good, while others say that they are the exact opposite. Just how stimulating a game will be depends a lot on its structure and purpose. Puzzle games are known to make your think more while giving you great entertainment.

Start with a simple puzzle game

Look into farm games like Hay Match where you are asked to match symbols in order to make it to the next level. This type of game is easy to download to your phone. You can play a few moments during breaks. It is fun and at the same time you exercise your brain and thinking powers. Games with nice graphics and sound effects that cheer you up are also great mood boosters. They are exactly what you need during a dull winter day when the hours at your office never seem to come to an end.

Memory games

Kids play them and adult should too. The standard memory game will have you flip picture cards over while trying to get two of the same. The idea is that you will memorize where on the board you saw different pictures to match them right. You can find the same type of memory games for your phone and computer but sometimes it can be fun to return to the old format. Bring out a real memory game and play it with the kids!

Find 5 errors

Two pictures that look the same are placed next to each other. On closer inspection, you see that one picture has errors. There are missing parts and you need to find them. You can find this sort of game online and through apps. Sometimes they are published in magazines. The find 5 errors games are suitable for all ages and will train your memory much like a regular memory game would.


If you like to play with words, you can do so with crosswords. But crosswords are not necessarily good for your memory. They are a lot of fun, and yes, you will keep your brain active by solving crosswords. Just don’t count on getting better at remembering things by doing a crossword every day.

Repeat words or remember things

If you don’t have access to a smartphone or computer, you might want to try some easy memory games that you can play with friends and colleagues. Go around in a circle and let each player add a word. See how far you can get without forgetting a word. You can also place ten objects on the table and then cover them up. Let everyone scribble down the things on a note. Give this one minute and see how you did. Try it again and see how you get better at remembering what is on that table by practicing!

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