Yoga: A Mandala & The Center of Your Universe

Let’s face it, you spend eight hours per day or more in your office or at your workplace. It is the center of gravity where you hope to draw all things successful and prosperous to you for financial serenity and longevity. Sometimes you may simply feel that you’ll never get out of your office, or keep disturbances and annoyances out. One thing is for sure, it is the place where your professional dreams are generated. It’s ‘success central’, but it’s stressful. And therefore it is essential to keep the energy there in good running condition, kind of like an oil change in your car. In India there is a meditation tool known as a Mandala. It is essentially a circle in square with four gateways leading in towards the center, which represents your journey towards enlightenment. There are many very ornate Mandalas in Indian artwork but today, we’re going to focus on your office as Mandala in order to clear and shift the energy and focus toward you, to greater success and less stress.

Stand in the center of your office space. Take a deep breath and mentally exhale success, creativity, love and helpfulness, outward to the four walls. If your office is private, spread out your arms at shoulder level when doing this. If not, visualizing that you are sending this powerful energy outward will still work like a charm. If you have time for eight breaths, all the better. Remember, that what you send out, you receive back. Instantly you will feel energized, focused, alert and hopeful. Yoga Works!

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