Natural Remedies For Pregnancy Symptoms

One is certainly excited about having a baby but a lot of symptoms accompany pregnancy like nausea, headaches, hemorrhoids and heartburn. You cannot live with these pregnancy symptoms but there are safe and natural remedies to help you deal with pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy can leave a women feeling less than perky so, here are some natural remedies to cure pregnancy symptoms:

• Morning sickness

Pregnancy also brings morning sickness and for that, one should eat bland and easy to digest. Avoid eating spicy and greasy food and prefer eating protein rich food like a glass of warm milk, a cheese stick, or a cup of yogurt, as well as sour or peppermint candy, ice-cold water, and ginger ale. Furthermore, you can also brew fresh ginger shavings in hot water for a tummy-settling tea. To reduce nausea, some women use wrist bands and acupressure message. Wrist bands work by stipulating acupressure points which ultimately reduces nausea.

• Swollen breasts

To deal with swollen breasts, pregnant women should take calcium fortified antacids. In addition, cool gel compression and heating pads on a warm setting can also relieve the pain caused by swollen breasts. Make sure that the heating pads are not hot but rather they should be warm. Furthermore, wear non-restricting sports bra, shelf bra lined undershirts and bras without underwire as natural remedy for swollen breasts.

• Swollen legs and feet

Pregnancy also affects legs and feet and causes them to swell up. To cure swollen legs and feet, use padded footrest, socks and hosiery and gel inserts for shoes. Gel inserts help adds comforts and also provide support for lower back. Furthermore, soak your feet in hot water and Epsom salt daily at night as a natural remedy.

• Upper and lower back pain

For upper and lower back pain, one should keep long pillows to support your back. To reduce stress on lower belly, get belly bras. Belly bars are also called abdominal support bands. If you work, then get contoured seat pads to support your back when you sit for long hours in your office. Deep heating rub can also relieve lower back pain. Ask your spouse to give you a full body massage before going to bed.

• Nasal stuffiness

As a natural remedy for nasal stuffiness, use saline nasal spray, vaporizer, mentholated cough drops and herbal nasal inhalants.

• Pregnancy brain

Pregnancy brain is another name for mental fuzziness. To cure pregnancy brain, do not overburden yourself by work. Ask your spouse and family members to get things done for you. Keep your daily items at one place so, that you do not lose them. Lots of humor and grace is a natural remedy for pregnancy brain.

• Fat feelings

As a natural remedy for blue moods and fat feelings, fill your room with pictures of adorable, drooling babies to admire. Get weekly manicures and pedicures and monthly scheduled facials and hair appointments. Mental reminders also help in a way that it will make you feel that in a couple of weeks; you will have a beautiful baby.  

• Hemorrhoids

During the third trimester, expanding uterus puts increased pressure on the pelvis which also leads to constipation which causes hemorrhoids. The natural remedy for hemorrhoids is adding fiber into your diet and staying hydrated. Another natural remedy for hemorrhoids is soaking your belly in a tub filled with hot water.

• Headaches

Hormones, fatigue, blood sugar swings leads to headaches. Natural remedies are best for curing headaches during pregnancy. Eat small meals, exercise regularly, and get enough rest, a full body massage for curing headaches during pregnancy.

• Heartburn

More natural remedies for pregnancy symptoms include sugarless chewing gum as it stimulate the saliva for an acid neutralizing effect caused by heartburn.

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