5 Hacks For A Healthier Week

Illustrated by Gabriela Alford.

You know the saying about studying the past to know the future? Well, according to acupuncturist Esther Gokhale, we can learn a lot about correcting our posture from indigenous people across the world who experience little to no back pain — and whose spines closely resemble those of people from the ancient world.

As we get deeper into summer, you may have to get creative in order to cool off. Going to bed topless — or completely naked — is one easy way to beat the heat, and you'll even sleep more soundly.

Hack your side dish with this clever recipe from Self: make couscous out of cauliflower. It's a creative way to eat your veggies, and it's a great time-saver.

Reboot your juice game, too, with these three recipes from Well + Good. These are not your average kale smoothies.

Too busy to make it to the gym? Try out these five-minute workouts from Prevention.

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