Best Small-Space Solutions

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Best Small-Space Solutions,

Living the small space lifestyle is an ongoing battle of trying to do more with the less. Sometimes, after an exhaustive search, we strike the furniture jackpot with a piece that epitomizes our spacial, stylistic, and budgetary trifecta. But just because these home buys are a rarity, doesn't mean that there aren't multiple viable options out there…It's a matter of finding the time to hunt them down.

If turning small space furniture hunting into a full-time job isn't in the cards right now, don't sweat it — because we've got you and your tiny apartment's back. Every month we're hula-hooping our way through the best buys in budget, size, and statement-making — from chic nesting tables to decorative room dividers, sleek units with extra shelving, comfy ottomans with secret storage, and even a loveseat. Scroll on for the under $150 furniture finds that will maximize tight spaces while keeping minimalism and style top of mind — so you can easily shop, decorate, and relax without ever leaving your tiny abode (or quitting your day job).


Best Small-Space Solutions,

Poland Furniture Floating Nightstand

When your floor square footage is nearly nonexistent: This floating bedside table and storage unit will elevate your essentials where cramped floor space can't.

PolandFurniture Floating Nightstand, $, available at Etsy

Best Small-Space Solutions,

AmazonBasics Kitchen Cart

When you don't have a "real" kitchen: Tiny apartments usually don't come complete with separate kitchen spaces — or any kitchen space at all — which is where a multi-storage-capable cart with a compact rolling frame comes in handy.

AmazonBasics Kitchen Rolling Cart, Wood/Chrome, $, available at Amazon

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Wallniture Floating Bookshelves

When your book collection is out of a Hoarders' episode: Streamline all your favorite paper to hardcovers and magazines with the ultimate minimalist's solution — a set of invisible, wall-mounted bookshelves.

Wallniture Floating Bookshelves, $, available at Walmart

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Urban Outfitters Bamboo Beaded Curtain

When you don't have a door to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign on: Make your own doorway by hanging this beaded-bamboo curtain up for a little extra-stylish privacy.

Urban Outfitters Big Dot Bamboo Beaded Curtain, $, available at Urban Outfitters

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Hashtag Home Brantley Floating Desk

When your home is also your office: Meet the space-saving champion that is this wall-mounted workstation — built to conveniently fold up into an even more useful storage unit when not in use.

Hashtag Home Brantley Floating Desk, $, available at Wayfair

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Yamazaki Home Slim Rolling Cart

When you can't sacrifice space for spices: Pick up a slim unit with major storage potential — like this thin-framed rolling rack that can tuck in between empty spaces between appliances and counters.

Yamazaki Tower Rolling Slim Storage Cart, $, available at Amazon

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Invech Inc. Cotton Hanging Chair

When an outdoor oasis isn't in the building plan: Hang a cotton-hammock chair from a nook inside your small space to bring the breezy outside vibes inside.

Invech Inc. Cotton Hanging Chair, $, available at Walmart

Best Small-Space Solutions,

Anthropologie Claire Glass Cabinet

When you can't cram in a china cabinet: This lovely wall-mounted unit is ready to house a light selection of your grandmother's finest vintage treasures in space-efficient style.

Anthropologie Claire Glass Cabinet, $, available at Anthropologie

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