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Flash-fashion events are like lightning, only lasting a hot second before disappearing into the seasonal ether — but even such fleeting fads can leave a lasting mark. Welcome to Micro Trends, where we explore the latest and greatest of these blink-and-you’ll-miss-it style moments.

Every fashion era has its clog. In the '70s, Miami-based shoe brand MIA elevated this functional footwear to disco-ready heights with their Abba Clog. (It remains a best-seller to this day!) In the '90s, Rocket Dog and Steve Madden churned out mall-ready styles making the clunky shoe synonymous with a certain type of lo-fi Brooklyn style. And now, the clogs of the current era are more predictably available to suit every possible taste — whether that's a Scandinavian-influenced wood-soled iteration, an ultra-luxury take from a venerated French fashion house, or, of course, a foam rubber foot-cover available in every print and color under the sun.

While clogs have been chugging along in the background for much of the previous decade, 2020 seems to be the banner year for a clog that offers a higher level of softness that its hard-soled counterparts. While similar in shape and style, these clogs are lined in a variety of pliable fibers (faux fur, fleece, or shearling) for an added dose of insulation on top of the ease and comfort that clogs are cherished for. It makes sense that such snuggly add-ons are on the rise — given the year we've had, a fuzzy foot hug is just what we need. Ahead, discover a selection of the coziest and coolest fur-lined clogs this decade has to offer.

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Tiila Comfort Winter Swedish Clogs

We have the Swedes (and their neighboring nations) to thank for the classic wood-soled clog — and, with the region’s notoriously dark and frigid Decembers, we bet they know a thing or two about winterizing this classic footwear. That’s why we’re opting for this fleece-lined, North Pole-chic pair.

Tiila Comfort Winter Swedish Clogs, $, available at Etsy

Ugg Aubriana Clog

Uggs have come to symbolize everything that is topsy-turvy about fashion. A white-hot commodity among the Juicy Couture set at the turn of the millennium, the brand fell into fashion-victim status the following decade. But from the ashes of disgrace, a mighty phoenix has risen. Meet Uggs in 2020, collaborating with the likes of Eckhaus Latta and BAPE and offering up Gigi Hadid-approved furry neon slides. With their roots in shearling footwear, they’re authorities on cozy — and their take on the fur-clog trend is true Ugg, walking the line between “too much” and “not enough.”

Ugg Aubriana Clog, $, available at Zappos

Farylrobin Kiara Cozy Clogs

Is a single layer of cozy in your clogs simply not enough for you? If your frozen feet require coddling in full-fleece footwear, we have found the clog for you: a shearling slip-on that boasts a gentle wedge for a look that’s seriously cozy, but still chic.

Farylrobin Kiara Cozy Clogs, $, available at Free People

No. 6 Fox Lace High Heel Shearling Boots

In our minds, No. 6 is synonymous with 2006 — arguably the year that the brand’s leather-upper, wood-soled clog took all of Brooklyn by storm. Owing to the quality and longevity of the shoes, however, the label’s moment was no mid-aughts flash in the pan — the shoes are still as covetable as they were in the pre-Instagram era. They’ve been offering their signature shearling-lined clog boots for many years, and we’re finally catching on to their sublime coziness.

No. 6 Fox Lace High Heel Shearling Boots, $, available at Shopbop

Kiara Shoes Leather Clogs With Fur

Perhaps you’re in the opposite camp: you love the wintry-cool appeal of furry footwear, but don’t need a deep-pile interior suffocating your foot. Enter these faux fur-accented leather clogs, adorned with an (imitation) pelt on the outside with nothing but leather on the inside, so you can achieve that après-ski look without cooking your feet.

Kiara Shoes Leather Clogs With Fur, $, available at Etsy

Birkenstock Buckley Shearling Shoes

When we think “Birkenstock clog,” it’s the heritage brand’s rounded “Boston” silhouette that normally comes to mind — but there’s so much more to their clodhopping offerings. Meet Buckley: a moccasin-inspired last with a chic upper buckle and Birk’s signature ultra-comfortable footbed, lined with enough shearling to keep your toes hella toasty.

Birkenstock Buckley Shearling Shoes, $, available at REI

Dansko Bettie Burnished Nubuck Clogs

The comfort of a Dansko clog is legendary — nurses, restaurant workers, and pretty much anyone who spends hours on their feet swear by the brand’s supportive styles. Lucky for us, some are also quite stylish — like these shearling-lined nubuck boots that can be worn at mid-calf height, or rolled down (as pictured) to reveal the layer of snuggly fleece that will keep your tootsies extra-warm.

Dansko Bettie Burnished Nubuck Clog Boots, $, available at Dansko

Zara Faux Fur Lined Buckle Clogs

Zara has been known to hop on a rising trend quicker than you can say “buy one get one,” so it makes sense that they’d offer an affordable take on the furry clog. We’re not mad at the Spanish fast-fashion retailer’s improvements on the silhouette, with an oversized silver buckle and slick, velvety PU finish.

Zara Faux Fur Lined Buckle Clogs, $, available at Zara

Crocs Classic Lined Clogs

Crocs have elbowed their way into the clog canon through sheer perseverance and — we have to admit it — function. The foamy footwear gets high marks for comfort and durability, thanks to a wipe-clean exterior that can withstand spills. The brand’s take on the warm ‘n’ fuzzies is a more cold-weather friendly iteration of their traditional ventilated clog.

Crocs Classic Lined Clog, $, available at DSW

Universal Thread Bibiana Faux-Fur-Lined Mules

Part clog, part groovy bedroom slipper, Target’s affordable take on the fur-lined footwear is perfect for bringing some swingin’ flair to your WFH look.

Universal Thread Bibiana Faux Fur Lined Mules, $, available at Target

Rocket Dog Fran Nubuck Clogs

Are you a person who wore Rocket Dog? If you’re a girl of a certain age, you may have actually owned a pair of these. If you’re of a more youthful persuasion, you may be excited to know that these furry friends are now considered vintage — and before you go running to Depop, be advised that you can buy a new pair right this second.

Rocket Dog Fran, $, available at Zappos

Chay Chax Fur-Lined Clog

Leave it to Amazon to be the source of a mint-colored, cloud-like rubber shoe lined with so much coziness that your feet might actually drift off to dreamland.

ChayChax Fur Lined Clogs, $, available at Amazon

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