The Types of Bonuses You Can Get from Online Sportsbooks

This article was last updated on July 20, 2022

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When looking for the best sportsbook you can place your bets with, there are a few factors that you should be looking for. The best odds are surely the top priority, and of course, the selection of sports that an online bookie has. Aside from these, however, you should know that online sportsbooks offer promos and bonuses to their punters too.

Sportsbooks like Betfair offer promos and bonuses to their punters for multiple reasons. You can check this URL: to know what we’re talking about. Bookies mainly offer bonuses to entice more people from creating an account with them.

While these bonuses are primarily a marketing strategy for online bookies, this is something you can very much take advantage of. Doing so will enable you to get more than what your money is worth. If you want to know the type of bonuses that sportsbooks would offer, here they are.

Sign-up bonus

This is similar to what many online casinos have. Sign-up bonuses are there to make you attracted to sign up with an online sportsbook. Sign-up bonuses can go as much as a hundred percent. Some would even offer a 300 percent bonus. However, know that the bigger the percentage is of the bonus, the more likely that there is a maximum amount for this.

Let’s say you deposited 100 US dollars to your account to get a 100 percent bonus. Supposedly, you’d get another 100 to your account, but you should check what the maximum amount is that bookies could give you. Some bookies would say a hundred percent of bonus is guaranteed but only with a maximum amount of 50 US dollars. This means that if you deposit 100 US dollars, you will get 150 US dollars in total instead.

Match Bonus

This is typically the most generous type of bonus that an online bookie would give and so you probably won’t see this offered year-round or season-round. This type of bonus could only be offered in specific matches as a special promotion. Typically, they only offer this for major sports events like the EPL and the NCAA.

Deposit Bonus

A deposit bonus can be something that is separate from the sign-up bonus. This could be a percentage of your deposit or free spins if the bookie also offers casino games. It could also range from 10 to 100 percent of your deposit.

Don’t get too excited about this too because most of the time, you can only withdraw your deposit bonus if you’ve placed a specific number or amounts of bets. It’s called the rollover requirement and it is important that you always check this before you get too excited about the amount of bonus that you can get. There are instances that a sportsbook would require you to make 5 rollovers before you can withdraw your winnings from this bonus amount.

Reload Bonus

This is different from the deposit bonus and usually, this is something that you can only get once a month or during a specific day of the week. It varies from one bookie to another, but reload bonuses are there to make you bet on more matches.

Just don’t expect that reload bonuses could be as much as the first deposit bonus that you got. It could range from 10 to 50 percent. Sometimes, it’s even lower. Like the deposit bonus, you can also only withdraw this after meeting a rollover requirement from the bookie.

Free Bets

Free bets are the favorite of many, especially the ones who don’t want to take many risks when it comes to sports betting. This bonus is usually a fixed amount and that’s the only amount you can use to wager on a match or sports. Sometimes, this free bet could only be used on specific matches too. It is possible that you get a free bet on sports that you don’t usually wager on because of this. However, there are also times that you get free bets on the sports that you follow the most like the EPL or the NFL.

These are just a few types of bonuses that online bookies usually offer to their customers. Again, this is primarily to attract more customers and to make people bet on more matches, but if you know how to compare and contrast, you can surely take advantage of these bonuses. Just make sure that you always read the fine print before anything else. The last thing you want is to try to get a bonus by depositing an amount only to find out that you’re not even qualified for any bonuses.

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