Sorry no Netflix on Samsung Blu-Ray

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This article was last updated on May 20, 2022

Samsung said it is updating their systems in a month
Cool idea for movies but not quite ready for Canada

Netflix opened it’s doors in Canada to movie streaming into your home for $7.99 a month. The first month is free and it’s $1 cheaper than US customers pay.
They are not ready for the Canadian market since they can only stream movies to Netflix Ready devices.
In Canada that means your iPad or iPhone, computer, Wii, PS3, or Toshiba Blu-Ray players.
Coming some time this fall are Samsung Blu-Ray and Xbox 360 and Apple TV.
They say Canada’s most popular Blu-Ray players from Samsung Blu-Ray are supported but not true. Samsung has to upgrade the bios or whatever prom they have to add the Netflix application.
So hold onto your video store membership because online streaming via Netflix is not ready.
Unless you want to watch movies on a tiny screen like the iPhone or iPad.

By Stephen Pate, NJN Network

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  1. I have to disagree with you on this. Samsung has updated their blue ray players to include Netflix on September 26 or 27. I have Samsung C6300 and watching Netflix.

  2. Although your new Samsung blu-ray BD-C6300 is working, all the older models are currently NOT supported. I only have confirmation so far that Netflix Canada is working on BD-C5900, BD-C6300, BD-C6500.

    These models are STILL waiting for updated firmware:

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