Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 29

When Gracie awoke, she found that she was laying on top of her bed, on top of the X17 Deluxe Yoga Mat. She awoke because the phone was ringing again. Not the little mobile phone but the other phone, the one that was from the 1950’s, the pink Princess phone. The one that was in the closet. At least it was whenever it needed to ring. It was NOT there whenever Gracie tried to find it on purpose, but she had since given up trying to make any sense out of any of the non-sense that seemed to have taken over her life since the pink glitter first appeared.

She jumped out of bed, dove into the closet and answered the phone with a “Good Morning, Namaste Ji, this is Gracie”. The beautiful voice on the other end was none other than Muriel reminding Gracie that it was still early enough for her to bathe and have breakfast with her mother before heading off for school and that she would be visited by another Divine Being from Hiranyaloka. A month ago, Gracie would have been startled out of her common sense. But at this point in time, Gracie happily accepted that there wasn’t much common sense going on in her life. She heard her mother calling for breakfast in 15 minutes, so she washed and dressed and flew down the stairs to join her mother, where she found a delicious breakfast and her mother, cheerful as always. They hugged good morning and ate together sharing news. Gracie was able to show an A+ on her Titanic report and her mother was able to tell her good news from family members, who called in late last night while Gracie was sleeping. After clearing the breakfast dishes, they hugged goodbye for the day making plans to watch a movie together after Gracie’s homework was finished. Because she got an A+, Gracie was going to get to pick out the movie, so she had to give a lot of thought to it.

Entering back into her room to collect her X17 Deluxe Yoga Mat and her backpack, Gracie did a double take on what she saw, for right in front of her was a huge pink snake wearing a gold turban on its head with a pink jewel in the center of the turban. The snake was so big that it’s body was curled up 4 feet high and took up almost half of what was left of the floor of Gracie’s room, except that it was sitting inside a huge basket. The kind of basket usually seen in pictures of snake charmers. Next to it on the floor was a shiny silver saucer of pink milk with pats of pink butter floating in it. Gracie backed right up into the wall at the sight of this new visitor, but when it spoke, it had a very sweet female voice, introducing herself and saying “Good Morning Little One, I’m Bhujangyina Deva, the Queen, wisest, and kindest of all of the snakes”. Bhujangyina then gracefully stretched her body down to the saucer and drank some milk and butter. 

To be continued . . . !

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