Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 32

“Now try to perform the Cobra yourself, my dear child, so I can make any corrections”, Bhujangayina instructed. Gracie, being a fast learner and a good student, followed every point to the “T”, performing the Cobra perfectly but to her amazement, once again the X-17 Deluxe Yoga Mat, was up and flying and through the Pink Time Tunnel, its running lights shining brightly. Gracie hung on to the edges even though she was promised that it was impossible to fall off. Swirling and whirling through time, Gracie had no idea of where she was headed. Just a few seconds later, she landed with a disorienting thud. Where was she? This didn’t look like any place she had ever seen in any history book, news report or storybook for that matter. Gaining a grip on reality she could see that she was in a clearing, in the middle of a huge battleground. In front of her were hundreds of warriors with bows and arrows and shields. Behind her was another large group of warriors all armed with bows and arrows and shields. Of course, they were all pink of one color or another. When she looked down and at her immediate whereabouts, she found that she was sitting in an ancient gold chariot, and sitting next to her were two men, speaking in a language she could not understand. Quickly she took out some pink glitter and sprinkled it over her left hand. Her pink 3D Yoga*Phone appeared and Gracie pushed the “?” as quickly as possible. It was Lord Ganesha himself who answered with a jolly “Hello Gracie”. “NamasteJi Lord Ganesha. I’m somewhere where I can’t understand the language”, she replied. “Not to worry, my child. Sending you necessary data now, just push the YLS button, it’s your Yoga Locating System. It will tell me where you are”, Lord Ganesha reasured her. Gracie followed the instructions to the letter pushing on the button when it appeared. Within seconds, the letter “L” appeared. “Now push on the “L” and you’ll instantly be able to communicate. You are in ancient India at the center of the most famous and important battle of all time. A battle of the good forces over bad forces. They are speaking Sanskrit. Goodbye for now my child”, Lord Ganesha said and then his transmission ended. Gracie quickly pushed the “L” button and could suddenly understand her two companions.

To be continued . . . !

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