Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 34

Up in the clouds Gracie waved her scepter in the air to call upon all of the purest and most powerful warriors of all time to come to her aid. She sat in the Diamond Pose and visualized a huge thunderbolt. When it rang out, it shook the sky and when the shaking stopped, there stood, suspended in the air, was a being she had never seen the likes of before. It was a huge half-man, half-monkey. He was pink and carried a massive gold mace as his weapon. His long tail curled around his head and formed a mustache. He had a gold earring in one ear and he was clad in a gold skirt like a gladiator. He must have been 200 feet tall. He smiled at Gracie and asked “Did you call me forth, little one?” Gracie nodded a definite ‘Yes’. “I haven’t met you before, kind sir, but I need your help. I need a powerful and pure warrior to help me stop this terrible battle. I must succeed so that goodness will always reign in the world. Can you help me?” Gracie asked. “I am the Great and Wonderful Hanuman, King of the Monkeys and Servant of all that is Good. I will call upon my army of good monkeys and I will call upon the great Bhujangayina to send forth her army of good snakes and we shall have a victory. Do not worry great and pure General of the Great Battle of the Mahabharata”. With that he called out into the pink heavens and at once it began to rain. Not pink water as you might have expected, but millions of pink monkeys and snakes of all kinds. The monkeys took the weapons of the other army away as the snakes wrapped about their legs tripping them and tying them to the ground. They were helpless. Then millions of pink feathers fell from the pink heavens and fell on the downed warriors tickling them until they laughed themselves into giving in. The war was over. Everyone was laughing. Hanuman waved goodbye and drifted away and Gracie slowly floated down with the rope back into the chariot. Shortly thereafter, a large pink feather floated down to land on Gracie’s nose. It made her sneeze. There was a loud voice coming from the clouds above. It said, “I am the All Powerful Garuda, Sacred Bird of the Heavens. We will meet one day soon”. Lord Krishna and Arjuna were shaking Gracie by the hand to congratulate her on her keen strategy and success. The other army ran off in the distance because there was another voice coming from the clouds at them that echoed, “Pizza”. Lord Krishna said aloud, “Pizza is the one thing everyone agrees on and it always makes everyone happy. It’s the Mandala of foods”. Gracie asked what a Mandala was, but Lord Krishna explained that she would learn about that at another time. “We are very thankful to you, General Gracie, for saving the day and for saving goodness in the world, which will now always win out”. “I guess Yoga is more powerful than I thought!”, Gracie replied. “Yes, Be Thou a Yogi”, Lord Krishna replied, “For it is the highest state”. Just then, the X-17 Deluxe Yoga Mat’s running lights lit up, it began to vibrate and before Gracie could say another thing, she was back whirling and swirling through the pink time tunnel.

End of Chapter 4. 

To be continued . . . !

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