Gracie’s Amazing Adventures in YogaLand: Where Everything is Pink AND Perfect

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Acharya Sri Khadi Madama

Episode – 43

How was Gracie going to contain herself at school for the next two days, just knowing that she was going to the performance. There was certainly a lilt in her step and a glow, a pink glow about her. How did she know? Because school mates kept coming up to her to ask if she was wearing a new pink blush on her cheeks. Replying now, Gracie’s then asked what they were talking about. She thought that perhaps she was running a fever that was causing her cheeks to be rosy. But, all was normal when Musika put his tiny paw on her forehead. Gracie was, indeed, glowing pink, but it had more to do with the magic of Yoga*Land. She couldn’t wait to stop at the Yoga school to tell Das what had happened, so it was very hard for her to concentrate on the report that was going to be due next week on Amelia Earhart. She had always been interested in Amelia Earhart since she was a very young girl, so having to do a report on her just tickled her pink, so to speak, but right now, all she could think about was getting to the Yoga school to tell Das about the tickets and meeting Samsanga Raja and Simha Maharaja and the tickets and how she made the pink trees quiver outside her house.

When she arrived at the school, she was a bit later than usual because she had to pick up study materials on Amelia Earhart, and then at least five of her friends stopped her to ask her various questions about school assignments, did she want to go to a sleep over party Friday night, which of course Gracie didn’t because she was going to the Ballet. This, they found amazing. Not one of her friends had the least bit of interest in the Ballet, so all of the explaining and answering made Gracie later than she wanted to be to get to the school to see Das who she hoped was still there cleaning up. And, as good fortune just seemed to shine down upon Gracie these days, he was. He put his mop and bucket away and brought out pink sugar coated cookies in the shape of Ganesha’s Trunk. “These are magic wishing cookies, so make a really good wish, Gracie, and remember to wish for others what you would wish for yourself, and only wish good things.” said Das. So Gracie did just before biting into the tasty and delightful cookie. Naturally, Das had brought out

pink chocolate milk to drink with it. Gracie went on to tell Das all about meeting the other Divine beings and how her whole house shook so hard when Simha Maharaja roared that Musika’s little genie lantern of a house almost rocked off of the table. Musika popped his head out of Gracie’s book bag rubbing his eyes open from one of his naps and agreed whole heartedly that this was the undeniable truth. The little party continued with Gracie recounting the story of how the tickets just appeared out of nowhere as Das predicted. “This is how life is, Gracie.” We have to tune in to what is right for us, sprinkle some faith that it will be so, add a little pink glitter for a little bling and then just believe”, he said with a warm smile.

Gracie thanked Das, who always had such a warm and radiant smile on his face much like she remembered her father. It always made her feel happy and hopeful, and that was good, she thought, as she raced home to get ready for the Ballet.

To be continued . . . !

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