Music Review: Valentines Night


Now where did this one come from? Just when Valentine’s Day is round the corner, there comes a film by the title Valentine’s Night with none other than Payal Rohatgi in lead. Even though barely hours remain for the arrival of the film; the album has just hit the stands with ‘(Astitva) The Band’ as composers who also pitch in with lyrics along with Tahseen Munnavar.


You rub your eyes in disbelief on coming across the title of the first song that goes as ‘Upload Download Jaari Rahega‘. If this wasn’t enough, even the composition by itself follows a haphazard route, hence putting you off from the word ‘go’. Tahseen Munnavar brings on elements like Facebook, Orkut etc. into this song that just doesn’t impress at all with singers Revant Shergill and Zaman Khan hardly adding much value. With the kind of start that Valentine’s Night takes, one isn’t left excited enough to check out what’s next in the offering.

Well, the worst was yet to come though, what with ‘Gaye Re Gaye Saand Paani Mein‘ following next. With the kind of lyrics that go as ‘Take Me Up Take Me Down’, this one is co-written by Tahseen Munnavar and ‘(Astitva) The Band’. Those four minutes that follow are unbearable to say the least and the way it is sung by Manta Sidhu, Zaman Khan and Kirshan Kumar only adds to the misery. This one has to be one of the most annoying numbers heard in the recent times. Well, just for that reason, hear it to believe it!

Post this song, anything even reasonably tolerable stands to be credited as a highlight of the album. This is exactly the case with the arrival of ‘Valentine Song‘. A love song which has an urban tone to it and seems like an Indi-pop number in the offering, it still succeeds in not being an assault on the ears. Sung by newcomers Salman Khan and Sheetal Gupta, this one follows the quintessential romcom flavour and even though it isn’t anything extraordinary, it can be heard at the least.

Singer Salman Khan gets another opportunity to take the mike with ‘Ooo Ree Bawara‘. A fusion mix track with a semi-classical base to it, ‘Ooo Ree Bawara‘ is the best of the lot though surprisingly it comes at the very end. Boasting of a soothing tone that suddenly manages to bring ‘(Astitva) The Band’ in a different light altogether; ‘Ooo Ree Bawara‘ has Ustad Shakeel Ahmad Khan leading the show as a singer. A love song, its a surprise that this one didn’t come at the very beginning of the album and instead made space for unbearable numbers like ‘Gaye Re Gaye Saand Paani Mein‘ and ‘Upload Download Jaari Rahega‘.


Simply put, the beginning of Valentine’s Night was much below the very low expectations one had from the album. However there was at least a minor redemption in the end that saved it from becoming an out and out disaster. However that won’t be enough to save the prospects of the album from commercial standpoint since even ‘Ooo Ree Bawara‘ won’t get time to grow due to film’s sudden release.


Ooo Ree Bawara

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