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Honestly, expectations are fairly balanced when it comes to the music of Tezz. After all, when it comes to action films, one generally expects some high adrenalin soundtrack that works as instant coffee, goes well for the situation and then fades away after a film is off the theaters. Moreover, typically there isn’t really much place for a melodious soundtrack. However with Sajid-Wajid at the helm of affairs, one does get an impression that there may just be something good round the corner. With Jalees Sherwani and Shabbir Ahmed responsible for lyrics, one checks out the music of Tezz, only to be pleasantly surprised.


Tezz gets a highly impressive start for itself, what with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan bringing on magic all over again with ‘Tere Bina‘. A smooth-n-silky song that one expects from the singer every time he comes behind the mike, ‘Tere Bina‘ is as ‘desi’ as it gets and turns out to be a haunting melody which would be played for many more months to come. In fact the film gets a huge bonus in the form of ‘Tere Bina‘ because this could well have been a flagging song in a quintessential romantic number. This is a kind of number that Salman Khan could have grabbed with both hands from Sajid-Wajid if they would have made him hear it.

A chartbuster song all the way, Jalees Sherwani written ‘Tere Bina‘ deservingly gets three more versions for itself. While the standard ‘remix’ version is a definite good addition to the album and so is the ‘sad’ version (both by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan), what catches one’s attention most is the Shreya Ghoshal solo. She makes the song as her own despite Rahat leading from the front with his own solo and gives a great account of herself all over again. In fact it won’t be wrong to say that the ease with which she sings the songs, especially the ‘antara’ portions, this version could well have appeared at the start of the album.

What arrives much earlier though is the title track ‘Tezz‘ which has it’s opening sound reminding one of the signature theme of Pulp Fiction (which is a genre in itself and was also heard in the theme track of Cash, another action film). It sets the tune for the song (well, literally) and with Sunidhi Chauhan bringing in good energy here, one can well expect the track to appear at number of junctures in the film to aid its narrative. An out and out Western outing that also has a ‘remix version’ for itself, this Jalees Sherwani written track also sees a Shaan solo for itself which doesn’t quite cover as much distance as the original.

The song which catches your attention all over again though is ‘Main Hoon Shab‘ which is easily the pick of the lot (along with ‘Tere Bina‘), especially when it comes to the melodic quotient. While the name Mohit Chauhan is a good enough reason to keenly look forward to what the song has to offer, it is to the credit of Sajid-Wajid who make place for a romantic outing. In fact the kind of structure and arrangements that ‘Main Hoon Shab‘ boasts of, it would be an easy and comfortable pick for those who swear by tracks coming from the likes of Mohit Chauhan or for that matter even Atif Aslam. A smooth flowing song that is quite easy on ears, it also boasts of some good lyrics by Shabbir Ahmed who comes up with yet another well written outing.

Last to arrive is ‘Laila‘ which is clearly a quick fix, the kind that works for the duration that it plays and creates good enough excitement to keep the audience engaged. One has to credit Sunidhi Chauhan for singing in a manner that it totally suits Mallika Sherawat. While this Shabbir Ahmed written song does sound like yet another template driven familiar sounding number, it comes on its own after repeated hearing, what with ‘remix’ version following as well. Though it isn’t the kind that would be heard and seen six months down the line, it is good enough to constitute for a good ingredient in the narrative of Tezz.


Tezz delivers slightly more than what one had expected from it, given the fact that it is an action thriller. While there are a couple of racy numbers to go with the theme of the film, what really makes one pick on this Sajid-Wajid score are songs like ‘Tere Bina‘ and ‘Main Hoon Shab‘ which are indeed the pick of the lot and promise a good enough shelf life.


Tere Bina, Main Hoon Shab, Laila

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