Golmaal 3

EXPECTATIONS Fun. That’s in one word to describe the expectation that one has from the music of Golmaal 3. Films coming form the house of Rohit Shetty have time and again celebrated life and are aimed at youth. Whether it is Golmaal, Golmaal 2, All The Best or Sunday, music in each of these films has been vibrant with no single dull moment. This is what one expects from Golmaal 3 as well that has composer Pritam and lyricist Kumaar coming together. With the film being third in the series, one expects double the fun this time around, if not the triple.

MUSIC It’s time for some ‘Golmaal’ all over again as K.K., Anouska Manchanda and Monali Thakur come together for a high on energy title track. The beginning is exactly on the same line as what one would have expected here, which means that the sound of ‘ Golmaal Golmaal’ is heard all over again. The ‘remix version’ ensures though that there is a lot of spunk ready to be exploited on the dance floor. Next to come is a song about togetherness, ‘Apna Har Din’, which is all set to be picturised on the entire principal cast of Golmaal 3. A fun number with a touch of carnival mood to it, ‘ Apna Har Din’ (which also arrives in a ‘remix version’) has a 70s style composition with Shaan and Anouska Manchanda sounding genuinely happy while crooning this one. However, the overall impact that the song creates is that of being a situational number. ‘Ale’ sounds better though and goes full throttle in getting the club mood on. In fact after listening to it a couple of times, one does tend to remember the kind of beats and rhythm that one had heard in the title song of Tum Miley. The song is good but not the kind that makes one stand up and hail it as the next huge chartbuster. A foot tapping track nevertheless with youth written all over it, this Neeraj Sridhar and Antara Mitra sung number is about a bunch of friends who have paved their own path and don’t care much about the outside world. Surprisingly, the best song of the album comes at the very end. One expects at least one massive chartbuster from Pritam in each of his albums. In Golmaal 3, it is ‘Desi Kali’ which has all in it to rock the charts in its arrival. A smash hit from the word go, ‘Desi Kali’ has the kind of beats and rhythm that ensure that you get a hang of the song in the very first listening. With Neeraj Sridhar and Sunidhi Chauhan coming together for this song, they ensure that this one turns out to be one of the more popular songs in the offing. Deservingly, there is a ‘remix version’ of this club track as well which brings on some more spice in the album.Last to arrive are a couple of songs from Disco Dancer – ‘Disco Dancer’ and ‘Yaad Aa Raha Hain’. Since the film features Mithun Chakravorty in an important role, inclusion of these two songs does not come as a surprise. None of the two songs are presented as-is though and have been re-arranged slightly to go well with the contemporary times. While Bappi Lahiri sings ‘Disco Dancer’, it is Sudesh Bhosle who comes behind the mike for ‘Yaad Aa Raha Hain’.

OVERALL Golmaal 3 has a chartbuster in the form of ‘Desi Kali’ with instant recall value coming from title track ‘Golmaal’ as well. The other two tracks – ‘Apna Har Din’ and ‘Ale’ add on to the situational appeal as well. As expected, the music of Golmaal 3 is a fun ride that should go well with racy visuals, which is the hallmark of Rohit Shetty cinema.

OUR PICK(S) Desi Kali, Golmaal

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