Break Ke Baad

EXPECTATIONS After a rather quiet 2009 that saw a sole album release for Vishal-Shekhar – Aladin – the composer duo is on a roll. They had a peppy outing in I Hate LUV Storys, gave to audience a quality wholesome score in Anjaana Anjaani and now are delivering music for yet another young romcom Break Ke Baad. With Vishal & Shekhar staying on to be the first choice for many a filmmakers when it comes to music for an outing seems to be designed on the lines of Hollywood romcoms, their coming into Break Ke Baad is not a surprise. What’s surprising though is to see Prasoon Joshi on the credits as a lyricist with whom Vishal-Shekhar are working for the first time. However, since Prasoon has worked in last three films made by Kunal Kohli (Hum Tum, Fanaa, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic), it is understandable as well. One looks forward to check out what does this unique pairing has to offer in their first outing together.

MUSIC Expect something unconventional, yet striking, in the opening track of the album – ‘Adhoore’. This isn’t a word which is common when it comes to Bollywood lyrics. Also, it has a hint of sadness to it due to the meaning that it carries. Still, Vishal-Shekhar do an amazing job in making a cracker of a track that gets on you in the very first listening. A contemporary urban track that is miles away from being a conventional ‘lambi judaai’ affair, ‘Adhoore’ works for its modern take on love. Add to this fact that Vishal Dadlani is quite effective behind the mike as well along with Alyssa Mendonca and you know that this song has in it to find a way up in the charts. The ‘remix version’ further ensures that club hoppers won’t mind playing it on at top volume all over again. Neeraj Sridhar is a regular with composer Pritam and has delivered a dozen odd chartbusters with him already. However, when it comes to Vishal-Shekhar, they have used him quite sparsely. This is the reason why when one sees them roping in Neeraj for ‘Ajab Leher’, one waits to check out what they really have to offer. First thing that they succeed in achieving is to make Neeraj sound different. Of course, his voice – as heard before in many a song – is quite pleasant but he goes ahead with a different take in this fun number where the protagonist seems to be having a good time talking about his ‘padosan’. Shekhar Ravjiani, Vishal Dadlani and Rhys D’Souza play a supporting role as back up vocalists in this song which basically belongs to Neeraj. A sweet number with a simple tune to it which is pretty much akin to a nursery rhyme, ‘Ajab Lehr’ should look good on screen and take the narrative forward. When you read the credit details, it is hard to decipher what exactly would the lyrics ‘Dhoop Ke Makaan’ actually convey. Coming from Prasoon Joshi, one can expect a poetic outing every now and then and it is no different in case of the number in question. Also, one can see a strong Gulzar influence here as well. Nevertheless, the song is pretty soothing on ears, whether it comes in its regular or ‘acoustic’ version. The way Shekhar Ravjiani goes on to sing this one, it is crystal clear that the composer was just hiding behind his talent as a singer for long. His voice has that intrinsic happy feel to it, something which was the hallmark of Udit Narayan, and this is what that makes even this supposedly sad track turn out to be pretty engaging. This song which also has Sunidhi Chauhan and Hitesh Sonik as the co-singers may not reach out amongst masses but for those who like their music to be soft and carry a quality feel to it (a la ‘Kucch Kam’ in Dostana), ‘Dhoop Ke Makaan’ is the one to be played on a repeat mode. The album picks up pace with ‘Dooriyan Hain Zaroori’ which again has a sad meaning to it, reason being that it deals with the distance that comes in due to a break up. Still, all credit to the way it has been designed that one never feels dejected, let down or bored when this song plays. In fact this track that has been designed as soft rock has some very good arrangements coming into play that turn it into an out and out youthful urban affair that should work amongst the cosmopolitan crowds. Monica Dogra, a rock band member, is pretty effective in this well paced song with Vishal Dadlani ensuring that he justifies his own inclusion as a singer. By this time around, it is apparent that Break Ke Baad is the most loaded Vishal-Shekhar album ever, reason being that they also appear as singers in almost all songs, barring one. This solitary song where they have entrusted another singer to totally drive the proceedings is ‘Main Jiyoonga’ which has now-getting-popular Nikhil D’Souza taking centre-stage. Though there are additional vocals by Mikey Mcclearyu and Gino Banks, it is Nikhil who seems to be having all the fun in this yet another soft rock track which deals with the aftermath of a break and looking forward in future. Any sadness here though? Naah! The same arrives in English as well with Vishal Dadlani giving an altogether different impression of him as a singer here. While he has been doing his bit with vociferous songs like ‘Dan Te Nan’ [Kaminey] in the past, it is nice to see him going subdued, yet energetic, for this fun take on living life to the fullest. Of course a track like this does have a restricted audience for itself but in the context of the film, it should fit in pretty well.

OVERALL Break Ke Baad is an unconventional album, especially when one looks at it from the Bollywood standpoint. Change is good and it is slowly but steadily, audience too are warming up to conventional sound. Rock On was a prime example of that, the music of which was dismissed by many in the first hearing. However, when compared to Rock On, Break Ke Baad still has some elements that augur well with the romcom affair. While this is a quality album for sure, what has to be seen is the way the songs are picturised, promoted and brought to audience. If the film is a success, the songs should only take further leaps amongst the target audience which basically comprises of urban youth who have a taste for modern sound.

OUR PICK(S) Adhoore, Ajab Leher, Main Jiyoonga, Dhoop Ke Makaan

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