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One expects a functional score in Guddu Rangeela. Since this is a plot based film, one doesn't quite hunt for a chartbuster outing here. Moreover, films coming from Subhash Kapoor (Jolly LLB, Phas Gaye Re Obama) have comprised of situational score. Still, with composer Amit Trivedi and lyricist Irshad Kamil on the credits, one expects to be surprised by what it is in the offering.


Amit Trivedi brings himself behind the mike in tandem with Divya Kumar for the title song 'Guddu Rangeela'. A song which is expected to introduce the two prime protagonists in a fun manner, this rooted song with a rustic feel to it is just about ordinary even as it tries to create the old world charm of the 60s and the 70s. While the instruments are kept at the bare minimum background, the overall outcome doesn't go beyond ordinary. There are attempts to perk up the soundtrack with a 'remix version' that has a different style to it with Shahid Mallya replacing Amit Trivedi behind the mike. Still, nothing really changes here.

The usual suspect, Arijit Singh, is brought on board to croon the love song 'Sooiyan'. For some reasons, he seems like singing in the style of Mohit Chauhan. Meanwhile, he has good support from Chinmayi Sripada who sounds as sweet as she always does. A sweet-n-simple love song which maintains a decent pace to it and is easy on ears, 'Sooiyan' is decent till it lasts, though one doesn't expect a long run for it.

Chinmayi continues to feature in the album with 'Sahebaan' as her next song. This time around she has Shahid Mallya for company for this romantic outing which lasts just around 200 seconds. While this one sounds pleasant too, it has the kind of hold that stays only for its playing time as one doesn't quite recollect the composition after moving on to the next in the album.

The one that does play in your mind after the very first listening is 'Mata Ka Email' which is totally the kind of song which one hears in the 'Jagratas' up North. There is a knack of fusing devotional numbers into Bollywood songs and that is exactly the kind of flavor that one experiences in 'Mata Ka Email'. Ironically, the best song of the album is actually put together by director Subhash Kapoor who composes as well as writes the song. Gajender Phogat is as rooted a singer as one finds in such 'Jagratas' and he does good justice to the stage and setting of the song.


Guddu Rangeela is an ordinary soundtrack that sticks to being functional, as was the expectation from it.


'Mata Ka Email', 'Sooiyan'

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