Wanted Man The Missing Dylan Song

George Thorogood (Photo Tim Carter Creative Commons some rights reserved)
George Thorogood’s performance of “Wanted Man” was left off Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Concert DVD

By Stephen Pate – On the documentary for Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert Celebration (Deluxe Edition) Wanted Man The Missing Dylan Song photo

there is a clip of George Thorogood playing “Wanted Man” but the performance is left off the DVD, Blu-Ray and CD.

Does that make any sense to you because it makes none to me? Thorogood is a genuine rock and roll star. He’s “Bad To The Bone” and the video is better than some of the other one’s included.

Here’s the missing performance of Thorogood singing the Dylan/Johnny Cash song “Wanted Man.”

Wanted Man by George Thorogood

Thorogood has performed the song for years and it is more associated with him than anyone. It’s on his CD Bad To The Bone Wanted Man The Missing Dylan Song photo.

Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash wrote the song in 1967 and Cash performed it at his 1969 San Quentin concert.

Wanted Man by Johnny Cash

Cash also released an album with the song titled Wanted Man Wanted Man The Missing Dylan Song photo.

Is it is a great song? Probably not. It’s a list song with a typical melody. List songs are like “I’ve Been Everywhere” that Hank Snow made famous and “Everything’s Broken” by Dylan.

The song writer literally opens a map, dictionary or phone book and make up a song based on a list of something.

I am still wondering why it was left off the concert, which is still one of the best rock concerts of all time.

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By Stephen Pate, NJN Network


  1. he was flat on this particular performance. I would attribute that to a fresh dose of very good speed. Nothing that Cash or dylan never dcomment_ID, but in this case they wanted a man in tune.

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