MLA Donovan Esteems Redford’s Decision to Resign

Alberta Premier Redford finally decided to give up the office of Premier after only a mere two-and-half years due to several controversies including questionable expense practices and heavy criticism of her leadership style from within her own party prompted. Commenting on the decision, Little Bow MLA, Ian Donovan, alleged that “I didn’t think it was going to happen in the way it did. I don’t think a lot of her members knew it was going to happen,” adding that “I think she figured out she had to do this for the province, and I have to respect her for that.”

The premiership has now been officially passed on to former Deputy Premier, Dave Hancock, who has become Alberta’s 15th premier. Addressing the media statement last week, Hancock stated that “I am honoured and humbled to have been asked by caucus to serve as Premier of Alberta,” and that “it’s a role that I accept with optimism and great confidence in the ongoing work and vision of this government.”

It is no secret that the Premier’s resignation was prompted by party infighting and rumours surrounding Redford’s role as premier that were on peak prior to her announcement. Admitting that, Donovan alleged that “obviously, the infighting in her own party and a lot of the questions on her accountability on spending has raised a lot of eyes.” Donovan alleged that “I’m not going to kick her while she’s down, I’ll respect the fact that she saw the bigger picture for the province and her party.” 

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