Robbery attempt in Southern Cape, 1 dead

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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One woman was killed after she was stabbed by the robber trying to rob a farm house in the Southern Cape of Africa on Sunday.

The woman aging 64 years was stabbed to death by the robber whom the police authorities have narrowed down to a young boy. However, the identity of the robber still remains unknown. The spokesperson of the local police department briefed the media explaining that the suspected robber is about 16 years of age and broke into the house in Dagbreek farm via the kitchen window around 2 am on Sunday night. The deceased, Charlotte Sroneman, was sleeping peacefully in her house with her husband until she heard someone break in and went out of her room to investigate where she found the robber and the robber stabbed her several times until she was dead. The stab wounds on her body suggest serious stabbing injuries on her chest.

Waking up with more noises, the husband came into the dining room to investigate with a gun in his hand and the robber caught and hurt him too. Mr. Sroneman also got a stabbed; however, he managed to open a few fires, which also hurt the robber. Police authorities informed that the female was pronounced dead upon the arrival of the rescue and medical teams whereas the male member was taken to the hospital immediately.

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  1. Pathetic: Reporting. English.
    What about mentioning that nothing was stolen and that the murderer was arrested?!

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