Deadly Kala Azar Disease Attacks Jonglei State

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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More than 42 others are admitted at Ayod Hospital following the outbreak of the deadly disease.

 “In Ayod County there is an outbreak of Kala Azar in Pagil Payam in which 7 people died, 27 admitted in the hospital and in Jech Boma, 3 died and 15 more admitted in Ayod hospital as well,” Honorable Nelson Kuony Thoat said.

Kala Azar is an infectious disease carried by a parasite and transmitted by the bite of a sand fly.

It causes a fever that does not subside and if left untreated, Kala Azar patients simply waste away or die after catching other infectious diseases.

Kuony said floods from southern part of Ayod town have destroyed several structures in Ayod County.

“The rain took almost 24 hours raining on the ninth of this month increasing the level of floods which destroyed markets, residential areas, schools, local clinics and villages become venerable,” he said.

Kuony said some of organizations which were working in Ayod county moved
away from the town last year when late renegade George Athor Deng was destabilizing the people in Jonglei State.

He said he had requested the state government to cooperate with humanitarian agencies to return to Ayod County with some medicines to rescue the situation of the venerable people in the county.

More than 600 shops had been destroyed by the heavy rains and flooding.

“Around 600 shops got destroyed by rain in Ayod Center. No single shop is operating in the market as I said because the area had been covered by water,” he said.

He appealed to the UN agencies to assist the victims with food and shelter.

Six months ago, Ayod market was razed by fire which left more than 100 shops burnt.

Kuong said that one man who attempted to cross from his section to the side of the river drowned from the flooding.

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