Motorcyclists Urged To Form An Association

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The commissioner said the riders need to be registered so that they could be considered for any assistance from the government and other financial institutions.

He was speaking during a meeting with more than 130 motorcyclists at Youth Garden in Yei.

He said that each motorcycle stage should have its leader elected and all the members registered for security purposes.

The motorcyclists are also to register their motorcycles and acquire number plates to operate legally in the county and control their movement in the late hours of the night for their security.

Most of the motorcyclists ride without permits and insurance which has contributed to a high rate of accidents.

The cyclists have been complaining of harassment from the police.

Last week, the motorcyclists also took to the streets demonstrating the imprisonment of one of their colleagues by the police after his motorcycle was stolen.

They claimed the police did not help in tracing the suspected thief.

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