State Gender Minister Visits Yei River County

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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State Minister Mary Apayi Ayiga is visiting the departmental directors to assess whether there are problems regarding the street children and the vulnerable groups in the county.

The ministry also plans to establish a strong link between the ministry and the county for smooth coordination of service delivery.

Yei River County Commissioner Juma David Augustine praised the minister for steps taken during the visit.

“This is the first historic and exemplary visit carried out by the Ministry of Gender and Social Development to move with its directors on the ground to practically assess their departmental performances for quality services delivery to the communities in the state,” he said.

He encouraged the rest of the ministries to do the same.

Yei County has three children’s homes run by churches where orphans and abandoned children are taken care of.

Many vulnerable groups like the disabled, orphans and widows desperately need help but the department of only manages to carry out counseling to the groups.

In September, the county authorities carried out an operation arresting all the street children but they were released after investigations revealed that the majority of those arrested were widows and orphans.

Gender-Based is also on the increase in the county. The police gender office has recorded that more than four women have been murdered by their husbands this year.

With the initiative taken by the ministry to establish branch offices and strong link between the county and the ministry, vulnerable groups of people hope their issues will be addressed.

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