Pochalla County SPLM Secretary Released

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

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The Pochalla County SPLM Secretary Denis Olok Akinai was arrested for not informing the state secretariat of the happenings in the county.

“We are political party dealing with the issues of the political party,” said Ngot.

“The commissioner arrested SPLM secretary without our consultation and went we heard about the arrest we asked him to release comrade and he was not willing to release him so we contacted the state authorities and he released him after some days and now is with us in the state capital,” he said.

Ngot said that many intellectuals had been arrested and most of them have escaped from the county.

“We will talk to the state SPLM chairperson so that he can call the commissioner for the SPLM secretary to go back to the county for his duties. The commissioner will come if the governor calls him and these issues will be addressed by the state authorities,” he said.

Ngot said that what the commissioner did was not good to the party members and the party leadership could take disciplinary measures.

He said that if there is any social dispute there are some institutions which can deal with such misunderstanding.   

Four people were last week arrested in Pochalla County for rejecting the plans by the commissioner to create a new payam named No Man’s Land in the county.

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