Eastern Equatoria Dissolves COTAL Executive Body

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022

According to the state government spokesperson Hon. Felix Otuduha Siro, the State Council of Ministers on Thursday unanimously approved the dissolution of COTAL in order to pave way for the election of a new council for the traditional leaders in the state.

“The new body shall be publicly elected in a convention presided over by the Local Government board in Torit,” Governor Louis Lojore Lobong confirmed.

Siro said that COTAL’s chief objectives are to uphold and promote peace, resolve and prevent conflicts and preserve cultural heritage, customs and values of the people of EES.

“The COTAL executive body from time to time shall be reliably serving as a consultative crossing point between traditional communities and state Government on seeking to resolve conflicts such as land disputes, raids, thefts, marriages, and other customary laws,” Claudio Suleiman Liling, EES’ Minister of Public Administration and Internal Affairs further explained. 

The COTAL members shall be elected by the community based on the norms and values of each ethnic group. 

The conduct of elections shall be supervised by an electoral committee comprising of a representative from Legal Administration, Finance Ministry, Public Security, Local Government Ministry and the Ministry of Social Development with the chair from Legal Administration.

These members according to Liling will serve for four years from the date of taking oath of office.

The Council during their first session after election will elect a chairperson and deputy to preside over meetings for a term to be decided by the Council.  The Council also regulates election and removal of chairperson and vice chairperson.

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