Jonglei Commissioners Hold Peace Forum

Jonglei State Governor, Koul Manyang Juk officially opened the forum bringing together commissioners from the eleven counties in the state.

The meeting is also aimed at finding strategies to generate revenue for the vast state characterised by militia activities in parts of Pibor County.

The workshop is attended by the County Administrators, Paramount Chiefs and State Ministers and will include training on decentralization, service delivery, effective tax collection and budgeting.

The forum has been organized by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the state government.

There are some counties with no access to roads and this makes the collection of taxes difficult when local government authorities try to intervene.

During the passing of the state budget, the finance minister said they have faced some financial challenges as the budget allocated for the state by national government because their revenues which were projected to top up the budget of 2011 to 2012 was not enough compared to their proposed budget.

State Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Aquilla Maluth Mam said that they will put in more efforts by implementing projected revenues to be collected so that they can manage to see that more than 95% or 100% of the revenue collected to avoid budget deficits.

The state assembly issued a decree last month that any person above 18 years of sound mind is legible to pay the Social Service taxes.

Jonglei state Assembly speaker Peter Wal said bill is about collection of the social service taxes from a South Sudanese who is a resident of any respective county within Jonglei State.
Jonglei State has been in crisis since the defection of the late renegade George Athor who rebelled against the government of the Republic of South Sudan after he lost the gubernatorial seat in April 2010 general election.

He was later followed by many subversives group who are against the government of the new nation.

Konyi, described David Yau Yau as an enemy to all South Sudanese and the people of Jonglei in particular for killing and stealing from civilians and pledged that Yau Yau will not last beyond February 2013.

The forum was to address the issue of insecurity in state as well as the presence of the militia group in Pibor County.

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